How to see how they see my VK page friends


What you need to know about privacy in Vkontakte

Before you describe steps to learn how to view our own profile in VK on behalf of other users, we hurry you to assure. Security settings on your VK page will not save you from the scrutiny of special services. The possibilities of the latter allow you to view even closed profiles, photos and videos, protected by privacy settings. Because if you decide to do something illegal through the social network, then do not be surprised if you pretty soon brought to administrative or criminal responsibility.

This also applies to materials uploaded to VK only. own use (for example, as an archive) and private privacy settings. Such materials, if necessary, also will be reviewed by the Vkontakte administration for a violation legislation.


If necessary, special services can access closed user accounts

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How to view your page in VK from

In general, the VKontakte functionality allows you to see how they see Your account is unfamiliar.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to your page in VK;
  2. At the very top of the page on the right next to your avatar is arrow. Click on it, and select “Settings”;
  3. Перейдите на вкладку “Privacy” ;


    Select the “Privacy” tab

  4. Scroll to the bottom;
  5. Click on the blue “See how other users see your page. ”


    Select this option.

You can also go to the “Privacy” tab with a click direct link

Your profile will appear in front of you as it looks for other users marked “This is how an unfamiliar person sees your page user “. While viewing photos and videos in this mode usually unavailable.


VC relevant notice

Previously, this mode allowed you to view the contents of your pages both on behalf of unfamiliar users and on behalf of any of your friends. Now the opportunity to view on behalf of friends removed by the VK administration.

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Advanced privacy settings allowing you to see profile to other users

Vkontakte functionality also allows you to choose which of your your friends see updates, and who can see your network page.

For this:

  1. Go to the “Privacy” section already mentioned above;
  2. Find the option “To whom my page is visible on the Internet”;
  3. Select a list of people who can see your online account.


    Determine the visibility of your VK page on the network

  4. Also adjust the adjacent option “What updates my friends see in the news “and select a list if necessary sections whose updates will be available to your friends.

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Above, we looked at tools that let you know how others see my page on the social network VKontakte registered users. Please note that methods that offer the security and safety of your data in VK are dualistic. They work effectively with others. by users, but they will not save attention of authorities. IN In general, there is no need to seek the help of other people for checking privacy settings, it will be enough to go to the “Privacy” tab and select the option to view the page on behalf of unknown user.

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