How to send a photo to Vkontakte


In VK social network you can not only write text messages, but also send different files to friends and other users and Photo. Consider how to attach a snapshot to a message.

I can not send a photo in contact If you want to send photo or image in the message, then you just need to click on “Attach” (located at the bottom right) under this message, and then in the menu that opens, click on “Photo”. Everything as shown on the image:

how to send a photo in contact

The same will happen if you click on the image of the camera inside the message, in the lower right corner.

Then proceed as usual – look for the desired photo on the computer and attach, or take a new picture on the camera. And how are you already realized you can attach not only a photo, but also any image with Your computer.

You can also send different files, documents, videos, music files, gift or map marks.

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