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  • 1 Where did the name Yandex come from
  • 2 Design and logo by Yandex
  • 3 Nuances when searching in Yandex
  • 4 Sites that do not pass indexing in Yandex
  • 5 How to write Yandex in English at a postal address

Where did the name Yandex come from

The phrase Yet Another indexer, which is translated from English sounds like “another indexer,” a future director came up with Yandex companies Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh (CEO). At that time word looked like “Yandex”. Before you come to him Ilya wrote out various options for the name of his newly made search engine. It immediately became clear to him that the English language the word search (pronunciation) in pronunciation in Russian manner sounds soft not very speaking. Therefore, the phrase quickly came to mind “yet another index”. A little later Yandex in the address bar they just wrote down Yandex. So the system is written in English and Today.

Design and logo Yandex

From the earliest stages of a company and search engine Yandex owners collaborated with Artemy Lebedev Studio. Experts developed for Yandex most of the site design. Most of all for the company did Roma Voronezh – designer studios. Design was developed by other specialists of the region, for example, for the Summer project from Yandex, design was created organization “”. Recently, the company is increasingly dispensing with the services of Artemy Lebedev.

Yandex Services

Yandex Services

Yandex logo, which has not changed much today appeared back in 1996. For the first time he appeared in Yandex.CD and Yandex.Site. This happened another appearance of the search engine itself. The logo was also designed by Lebedev Studio. In 3.0 version logo dropped the first letter of the Cyrillic alphabet (Yandex) and began to look like Yandex. Apparently the first letter “I” from the developers was like a bone in throat, because almost any programming language understands only Latin alphabet. Yandex is written in English – Yandex.

The nuances of searching Yandex

The Yandex search engine has the ability to customize the search. This function is implemented due to the flexibility of the language upon request. At search you can specify the scope, for example, by including in the string query A ~~ G. In this case, the system will find all the results where the first operator (A) is present, but excludes all results with second (G). Another & operator will find a list of keywords in the text, and the double ampersand will look for “keys” throughout the document.

An exclamation mark as an operator will help disable morphology of a particular word or phrase. So if the forms words will match with others, the search engine will give additional pages. And vice versa, the operator “!!” remove unnecessary words from the results.

Sites that do not pass indexing in Yandex

There are several reasons why the Yandex search engine isn’t indexes sites and does not show them in search results.

  1. Sites that steal information or content from others resources.
  2. Redirects are sites whose sole purpose is redirect visitors to other resources.
  3. The site whose content was generated programmatically, set meaningless text.
  4. Other.

How to write Yandex in English at a postal address

Yandex provides all its registered users a free postal address. Moreover, upon entering the system, this address is the default login.

Login to Yandex.Mail

Login to Yandex.Mail

Therefore, each user must know how to write a word Yandex in English. For example, [email protected], [email protected] and so on.

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