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Swipe up function (moving your finger from the bottom of the screen up) is very popular with Instagram users. Earlier she appeared in Storys as a test option for users who have 1 million followers, but as requirements become less available for users with 10 thousand subscribers. Administration promises further decrease in account requirements, and soon even users with hundreds of followers will have at their disposal all advantages of this innovation.

10 thousand Instagram subscribers

To activate the function “swipe up” you need 10 thousand followers on Instagram

Now there are two options for accounts that have available swipe up function:

Conditions: Features:
User must have verified account Verified account with a tick confirms popularity page creator
The page must have a certain number of followers The user must have 10 thousand or more subscribers.


Account must be verified

In other cases, the function we are considering in your Instagram will not be available, although it may become available in the future.

What are the benefits of swipe up? It will be useful to users, promoting any business projects that implement bright ideas or just to popularize your channel. Thanks to the specified function your follower will be able to quickly go to the page you need, be it a product or service card, a seller’s website or a training video. The usefulness of the function is huge, and creative authors are sure to find how to use it to the maximum benefit.

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A way to swipe up in your History

Before describing the procedure for creating swipe up in Storys, we draw your attention to the need for placement on the published photo call to perform the action. Some users may not guess or not notice the inscription swipe (“More”), and your hidden link will be ineffective. Therefore create picture with a colorful appeal, and use the functionality Stories for its publication.

Swipe up Storis Instagram

Use a photo with colorful calls to swipe

The swipe procedure on Instagram is as follows:

  1. Launch your Instagram;
  2. Go to his Storis by doing a swipe from left to right;
  3. Take the desired picture or import a photo from your gallery Phone
  4. Now you need to add a link to the page you need. Tap on top of the icon (pictogram) with the image Chains


    Click on the chain icon

  5. In the window that opens, you will need to insert a link to the desired страницу в сети, а затем нажать на “Done” (Готово);


    Enter the desired link and click on “Finish”

  6. Publish your post on Instagram. At the bottom of your post will appear the inscription “More” with an arrow, and the completed swipe up will transfer user to the page you need.


    The inscription “More” at the bottom will indicate the possibility swipe execution

Swipe Up for IGTV Instagram Videos

You can also use swipe to open IGTV video in Instagram.

The implementation procedure is as follows:

  1. Open Instagram story;
  2. Create a photo or video for the story in the desired mode filming;
  3. Click the link icon in the upper right corner (chain);


    Click the chain icon

  4. Tap on “+ IGTV Video”;

    + IGTV swipe up

    Tap on “+ IGTV”

  5. Select a video;

    Choose a video

    Select IGTV video swipe up

  6. Click on “Done” to finish. process
  7. IGTV video will be tied to your story, which will remain publish.

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In our training material, we looked at how to make swipe up in your Instagram story and what to us for this will be needed. Before publishing your picture with a link in story recommend placing on your picture any text or a sticker asking the viewer to swipe up. Otherwise your work will remain ineffective, and many viewers will never follow your intended path.

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