How to transfer applications to a memory card in Huaway


Transfer applications to the SD card in Huawei without applications

On Huawei smartphones in many versions there is the possibility transfer games and programs (not all) to a memory card without any special applications. You need to be familiar with your device settings to find Parameters for transferring.


  1. On the main screen, select the smartphone settings icon, which Looks like a gear sign;

    Select Settings Icon

    Select the settings icon on the Huawei Smartphone

  2. Найдите и выберите пункт “Applications” ;


    Click on the “Application” settings item

  3. In this section you need to find a game or program that you Want to transfer to an SD card;


    Find a transfer application

  4. IN ыберите нужное приложение и выберите “Storage” ;


    Select “Storage”

  5. Затем тапните по “Change” ;


    Click “Edit”

  6. In the next window, check the box “SD card”;


    Select “SD Card”

  7. You need to wait a while for the application to be copied to external memory;

    Transfer Process

    The process of transferring an application to Huawei

  8. Upon completion of this process, to check the location programs or games on Huawei, select the gear (settings) and Click “Applications”;
  9. We select the same application as when transferring data;
  10. Click the “Storage” button and select “Change.”

The system will find the application you need and collect everything you need about him information. Then the window will be shown to you.

Application migrated

Application transferred to SD card

Here you can see that the application migrated to the external SD memory. The method allows you to transfer only installed ones to an external card you applications. The ones that were on the smartphone when you bought it, move in this way will not work.

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Burn a game from Huawei to an Android SD card

The next way to transfer programs on Android devices based on the small AppMgr III program. Like others, it can be Find in Google Play Market. In the main menu of the program you will see section with applications that can be ported. And with those that were preinstalled. And which do not appear to be recorded possible without superuser privileges.


  1. Install and run the program on your Huawei;

    AppMgr III

    AppMgr III App

  2. The first tab will contain applications that can be Transferring both from the card and from the phone’s memory to the SD card. Roaming

    Roaming apps in AppMgr III

    The second tab is the program on the memory card.

    Applications on a memory card

    Applications on a memory card in AppMgr III

    And the third tab – programs stored in memory a smartphone;

    Applications in the phone’s memory

    Applications that are installed in the phone’s memory

  3. AppMgr III moves even some pre-installed applications from the store;
  4. This application also has the ability to clear the cache selected program. And also update and sort by quantity cache. There is one useful feature in stock – moving right away all programs and games from a memory card or internal memory. To enter the function control, select three at the top of the window. points.

    Choose the three dots at the top

    Select the three dots at the top to get to the settings. programs

To transfer any program, you need to select it and place transfer.

Menu when you click on the application

Menu when you click on an app in AppMgr III

The AppMgr III App Has Ample Features application management. And it “weighs” only 5.5 megabytes. Indispensable assistant to control any Android smartphone, including Huaway.

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The way to become superuser of the smartphone Huawei

To be able to change any settings, as well as delete and move any applications without exception – you must Become superuser on Android. You need to use this, if it is not possible to transfer programs in the standard way, through settings. After receiving Root rights in the system from the owner smartphone or tablet with Android there is the ability to increase sound options. Change system shortcuts, edit built-in themes and more.

You may have already heard that you need to get root Connect a mobile device to a computer. Also download special drivers for access, etc. But today it is possible make with just one application. There is a small exception – it may not be compatible with your smartphone. ВIn this case, there are several other programs that are exactly will be able to help become superuser in Huawei. And transfer any application or game on a memory card.

The first thing you need is to download Root Checker.

Root Checker

Google Play Root Checker App

This is a small utility that checks if you own Currently Root-rights on the device. Enter in the search the name of the programs and install it. Program that hack smartphone – iRoot. It must be downloaded from an Internet browser (not from Google Play). Also, so that you can install programs from third-party developers, go to settings and in the section “Security” check the box to “install from unknown sources. ”

The program for hacking rights on Huawei will install the necessary for you Settings in the smartphone in just one click. Immediately after launch a button for this will appear in the middle of the smartphone screen.

Button to start rutting

Button to start rooting a smartphone in iRoot

The hacking process may make you wait a while time.

The process of obtaining Root rights

The process of obtaining Root rights in the iRoot application

When the application reports completion, run Root Checker, to make sure you already have superuser privileges. If for some reason an error or malfunction occurs, it means The application did not fit your model. Intruder website can read the list of devices and models that she supports.

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Other smartphone hacking apps to transfer data on SD

If the previous program did not help to get Root rights to Huawei smartphone, to transfer data to a memory card, use others.

Their names are listed below:

Applications: Features:
Super su One of the most popular root rights apps in Android system. You can find it at:
Framaoot An application from the Russian developer, which can be downloaded link:
Kingroot Also a good program for rooting a device with Android from Chinese developers. You can find on the site:

Can I download applications to a Huawei memory card with cache

It is often necessary to move games or applications with a cache. For example, the games we play for a long time, applications with important settings and so on. There is also a tool for this task, which is called FolderMount. Unlike hacking applications smartphone, it can be downloaded on the Google Play Market. After loading create a pair for the application you want to transfer.

Another very simple application with a friendly and simple name – “Move to sdcard”. It has virtually no other functions. All what it requires from the device is the connected SD card.


  1. Go to the main menu of the program and select Applications to be migrated


    Select applications to transfer

  2. At the bottom, click the green “Move” button or “Transfer”;

    Press the button

    Click the “Move” button below.

  3. When the process is completed, the program will notify you of this.

    Movement process completed

    The process of moving the application is completed

Transferring applications to a memory card in a Huawei smartphone will not take a lot of time. If you are not going to transfer several tens games and programs on a flash drive. If necessary, the program “Move on SDCard “can copy data without loss and failure. And also display detailed information about games and programs: time installation, file size with cache, installation package, as well as accurate application installation path.

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