How to view closed saves in VK 2018


How to watch another user’s private files in In contact with?

Programmers who develop and maintain a working VKontakte status. Eliminate all kinds of errors and shortcomings, which users can use for various prohibited action. Therefore, the methods discussed here can be through unavailable for a while. It is also worth immediately saying that see photos of a completely closed profile will not work.

First, let’s try the way in which you want to copy user identifier (ID) whose private profile photos Would you like to watch. Now you need to insert it into the address bar browser instead of your own. This means that you need to insert it in the line after the domain name: id and then a numerical value user id without any spaces.

  1. Next, you need to insert the word before the identifier numbers “albums”.
  2. You will get the following address:
  3. Now you just have to press enter and go to compiled address.

    User ID

    ID of the user whose photo you want to view

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A way to quickly view images

You can try this method to view closed from the public photos if partially hidden in a particular album. Then there are some you can view as usual, others you inaccessible because the user has closed the general view.

  1. Find a person on VK whose photos are closed and you would like to see them.
  2. Open an album with partially closed images. Any the album can be checked in this way, because they can also Hidden photos are contained.
  3. At the bottom of the window, find the “Quick view” button.
  4. Next, you need to stop in the photo in this view mode, which faces closed. After that it will be open. You can experiment and stop watching after each Images.
  5. You can save it or remember the identifier from the address strings to open next time without the method described higher.

This way you can view closed images and Saved. If you’re curious about how to view whom your friend has added as a friend, read this article.

Search for saved files in VK page code

There is another way that gives you the opportunity to see closed saved images in VK 2018. To do this, you You need to open the source code of the browser page. Can take advantage of any, this feature is available in every popular browser If we are talking about a whole closed album, you need to go to this section and click the right mouse button.

  1. Затем нажмите в контекстном меню пункт “Page source” .Исходный код страницы

    The item in the browser context menu is “Page Source”

    In different browsers, this phrase may be different. Mouse click it is necessary on a place of a window, free from images and links.

  2. There will be a lot of information, many even incomprehensible. But we need a search on all these elements. To do this, click CTRL + F.


    Search by page source code

  3. In the search bar, enter the word “albums”.
  4. There will usually be several results. We will need to write identifiers after our keyword.

    Source Code Search Results

    Search results with keyword albums

  5. When we have the album IDs, close the source code and Return to the normal VK page.
  6. Next, enter the following address in the browser bar***. Instead of stars, you need to enter an identifier user pages.
  7. Then after identifiers without space enter “? Z =” – without quotation marks.
  8. Immediately after these characters, without spaces, enter our copied album IDs.
  9. You should get a finished line like this (for example): https: // z = albums4844846664486.

This way you can try to open even closed albums strangers who are not your friends in In contact with.

View private VK albums through other resources

Try to use the resource of the creator of the social network VKontakte Pavel Durov – Everything was available here. pages that were in VK, as well as their data. After going to The link bar will look like this: Behind bars you must specify the user ID, which are hidden from viewing the image.

There are other resources that can help you discover photos of closed albums. But it’s worth remembering that they all require permission from you to receive your personal information. Quite possible, that after a while you won’t go to your page because that someone changed the access settings for it. therefore see closed saves in VK 2018 in this way is unsafe occupation.

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