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  • 1 View the history of actions on the PC, what did where came in
  • 2 Find out what programs and applications were launched
    • 2.1 Checking running applications using a special programs
  • 3 How to find out the ON / OFF time of a computer
  • 4 We look at the changed files on the PC
  • 5 Check the browsing history of sites in the browser
  • 6 videos how to view history on your computer

View the history of actions on the PC, what they did where they went

There is a standard tool in the Windows operating system, which allows you to get information about how it was used the computer and what happened to the system (for example, what errors arose).

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You can view the history of actions on the computer accordingly tool called Event Log. To run it it is enough to perform the following series of actions:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on the Control Panel (in Windows 8 and Windows 10, this is done a little differently);
  2. In the search bar you need to write “Event Log” (in Windows 8 and Windows 10 you need to write in the search bar “Start” events “);
  3. The “Event Log” item will be displayed – click on it.


    Windows Event Log

After completing this action, a window will open. On the left side the categories of events are displayed on the screen, while the names and descriptions of the events themselves.

Find out what programs and applications were launched

There are a lot of categories, and most of them are common the user doesn’t need anything. Most common simple PC user interested in what applications were launched. Finding out is pretty simply. Related information is available in the Magazines category. Windows “-” Applications “.

We look at running applications

We look at running applications

If you go there, you can see the history on the computer, which was launched. For example, in the image above you can see that Skype update service was launched. You can also find out there, in what time it happened and what result the action had. After these easy steps, you can watch the story on a computer.

If, in turn, you want to know what applications were installed, you can look in the “Installation” section. Reflected there information about installing not only third-party programs, but also services built into the system.

Checking running applications using a special programs

However, working with the “Event Log” is quite difficult. therefore some may not like this method. However, there is a solution – You can use one of the third-party special applications, to find the story on the computer.

For example, there is a simple program called “Executed programs list”, which, when launched, works in the background (that is, in no way manifests itself until the user opens it). Using her You can find out which applications were running on the PC. And she presents information in a simple list in which indicate the location of the programs and the time they started.

Last activity on PC

Last activity on PC

If you need to know, not only which programs were launched, but and in which folders the user went, then you can use another application is “LastActivityView”. The corresponding program is as minimalistic and simple as and the first, but collects much more information.

How to find out the time on / off computer

Some users are interested in viewing the on-time and turn off the computer. You can do this with all the same Windows event log. By running the appropriate tool you will need to go to the “System”.

PC startup time

PC startup time

Once in the right subcategory, you will need to find the item in as the source value for which “Kernel-General” – It is he who is responsible for designating the start and shutdown times PC.

The description of the relevant event should be “System start time (or shutdown) …”. Thereafter messages indicate when the PC turned on or turned off.

We look at the changed files on the PC

Now let’s look at the history of modified files on a PC. Making it even easier than finding out the history of actions on the computer. To do this, you will need:

  1. Go to the directory where you are interested Files
  2. Make RMB from the file for which you want to know the time changes;
  3. A window will open in which you need to find the item “Changed:”;
  4. Opposite the corresponding paragraph, the date and time will be indicated, in last edited. ”


    File Modification Time

To find out what files on the computer were edited for a certain period of time, you can use the already mentioned above program “LastActivityView”.

We check the browsing history of sites in the browser

And the last thing to consider is how to look. browsing history in the browser. But here you should immediately make a reservation that the features of the process depend on the particular web browser, which is installed on the computer. There are a lot of them, therefore consider the implementation of this operation only as an example of the two most popular – Google Chrome (and based on Chromium) and Firefox

Chrome browser history

Chrome browser history

To view the history in Google Chrome (as well as Yandex.Browser, Opera, etc.) you need:

  1. Launch the browser itself;
  2. Perform the CTRL + H key combination.

After completing the appropriate actions, a page will appear, which will contain information about all open pages in a web browser.

Firefox Browser History

Firefox Browser History

To view the history of actions in Firefox, you need to perform a slightly different series of actions:

  1. Open the menu;
  2. Select the item “Journal” – “Show the entire journal”.

A window will open in which you can find out which sites and pages have been opened in the browser for all time. There is also the opportunity find out what opened for a certain period (for example, for last day or week).

But, of course, it should be borne in mind that history is absolutely in any browser on your computer is very easy to clean up. Therefore, if “history” looks to find out what is doing at the computer the child, then, it is likely that the parent does not see there no information.

Learn visited pages on the Internet

Find out visited pages on the Internet

In this case, it is better to install a special application, through which can collect reliable information about which sites user comes in. One such application is NeoSpy. IN The program has a hidden installation function, thanks to which no one except the one who installed it will know that that it works (this is true, at least for not very savvy PC users). How to install the application and how to use it there is a lot of information in The internet.

Video how to view history on your computer

These are the main ways to view activity history on a computer and in the browser. In most cases, they are enough to compose the most complete idea of ​​what was happening on the PC for a certain time.

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