How to view the history archive in VK


What is a history archive on VKontakte social network?

Новая функция в VK “Archive of stories” теперь будет хранить все вашиvideo publications that you posted after May 28, 2019. Here you can even find those that you deleted. They are only available. you. Therefore, do not worry that someone can Access already deleted posts. You can delete their stories from the personal archive. But you can’t transfer them to drugs.

When choosing a story, a list of publications will also open. for the same date when you posted the selected Storis in VK.

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Where to find all saved Storis through the mobile application VK

The Vkontakte administration announced the existence of an archive of stories. Now they will not be automatically deleted permanently. And there will be saved in a new section – archive. All your stories are available here. over the past few months.

To open this section through the mobile application:

  1. On the VK home page, select the three dots at the top screen;

    Click three dots

    Click the three dots on the VK home page

  2. IN появившемся меню нажмите на пункт “Archive of stories” ;

    Архив историй

    Select “History Archive”

  3. A list of your stories for the current month will appear in a new window.


    Stories for a month on VK

Passing through our stories, we can see who their looked through. This information is displayed by an icon with a number in the form eyes, which is at the bottom of the screen on the left. Вin the opposite corner is a button with three dots. Pushing her a menu appears from which we can save the story to VK. Аalso delete the video or make its settings.

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A way to view the entire archive of VK stories on a PC

The section with your Storis archive is accessible from any platform, on which you use a social network. In a web browser, open the section in VK is as simple as in a mobile application.

For this:

  1. Go to the main page with an avatar;
  2. Click on the button with three dots, which is located directly under the avatar (or click on the “Archive” button);

    Click on the button with three dots

    Click on the button with three dots under the avatar

  3. Select “Story Archive.”

In the PC version in the archive, the same functions are available. You can manage your Stories list: delete them, customize or keep.

Features of the mobile version of Vkontakte

Sometimes users are forced to open their VK profile. through a mobile browser.

In this version ( we can also get to archive page:

  1. Open your VK account again by going to the page with avatar;
  2. A little below it is a block called “Other”;
  3. In it you need to click on the “More” button and select the section with the history.

    Press the button

    Click the “More” button in the “Other” block

This section is a place where you can always come and find the right material. And also just review the old publication.

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How to delete friends stories in VK

If you often visit your page on VKontakte, for sure you already tired of some other people’s stories in the news feed. Many are wondering if they can be removed or any way to hide. So that they do not bother us to view the more important information.

We have such an opportunity:

  1. Open your profile;
  2. Click on the “News” button in the main menu;

    Open item

    Open the “News” item in the VK main menu

  3. In the “History” section, find the user whose Storis in the stream you You don’t want to see anymore;

    Open the story section

    Open the section with stories in VK

  4. At the bottom, select three points, and in the window that appears, click “Hide from the history”.

    Hide from story

    Click on the line “Hide from history”

Now the archive and new stories of this user will not be appear in your news feed. You can hide publications any friend. You can hide them in any quantity. There are also additional browser extensions that help more fine-tune Stories displays and other functions of their pages. They can be found in extension stores for your browser.

Opinions in Storis on Vkontakte

The social network VKontakte continues to be transformed and acquire new features, in addition to creating an archive. Today Opinions in Storis Vkontakte are available to each user. This the possibility of a ready-made function gives us the opportunity to express our opinion on a particular issue, global news. Or ask a question for friends, subscribers and passing users.

For this:

  1. Go to the Storis section in VKontakte;
  2. Select the button to create a new story in your profile;

    Click on the button to create a new story

    Click on the button to create a new VKontakte story

  3. Take a selfie or add an arbitrary main picture;
  4. At the top, click on the button in the form of a sticker;


    Click on the button as a sticker in VK stories

  5. And select the sticker “Opinions”;
  6. When you select it from the list, a form will appear on the screen, where need to enter a question.

This kind of stories in VK will also go to the archive, from where they can be will browse after some time. When users they’ll select it, a form will appear where you can enter the answer to your question. The responder can indicate his name in the response or write his opinion anonymously. However, you will not know who answered your question. Can Ask your followers or friends about anything.

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