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Features of the free Photoshop Imikimi

The service has been quite popular for many years, allowing you to conveniently and quickly add to the photo frame online. After go to the site and register, the user chose a beautiful frame, then uploaded the desired photo to the resource, determined with the settings, and then saved the result on the pc.

With the advent of many competing sites, developers decided to change the concept of the resource. Now the resource is called Imikimi Zo o, the basis of his work is Zoo Streams – posts users, including ordinary photos and processed on the resource photo with frames (Kimi). The resource has acquired a social character, you can share images with other people, use hashtags and chapters (set of streams) received from other users assessment of your work.

Custom photos of Zo Streams

The resource is based on custom photos from the Zo blog. Streams

Moreover, instead of the usual tracking of posts of other people in the basis of the concept of this service is set monitoring for the necessary themes, allowing you to find only topics of interest to you.

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How to insert a photo into a beautiful frame online at Imikimi Zo

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. In order to insert a photo in Imikimi it is better to use Chrome browser (on other browsers the site works pretty unstable).
  2. Go to, click at the top on “Log in”, enter your e-mail address to register, then click on “Next.”
  3. Then enter your first and last name, and click Next again.
  4. Confirm the registration using the code that came to you on e-mail (confirmation code may be delayed by a few minutes).

Register Imikimi Zo

Register on the resource

A number of direct options are available on the main screen of the resource.

Buttons Value
Home Go to resource home page
Kimis Choosing a frame for a photo
Post Post a new photo in the stream
Your account name Going to your account settings
Other buttons Chat, search and help buttons

Imikimi .com

Resource Start Page

After clicking on “kimis” you will see a screen where The following options are present:

  • “Search Kimi frames” – search for a frame by name.
  • “Create new Kimi frame” will create a new frame with zero.
  • And the “Help and Tutorials” option will provide you with information about use of the resource in English.
  • Selecting “Show all categories” will open all available categories of frames on the resource.

Framework Imikimi Zo

Selecting frames on a resource

To create a new photo frame, select your favorite from presented below (or look for the one you need through the search function). The frame will open in a new window.

Photo Editor

Choose your favorite frame

Then click below on the inscription “Add your photo” and place the framed photo in the most optimal way.

Photo Processing Tools

Put your photo in a frame

On the screen on the top right there are various tools for photo editing:

  • “Flip” – create a mirror image of the photo;
  • “Trash” – deletion;
  • “Undo” and “Redo” – buttons to go one step back or forward;
  • “Add text” – add text;
  • “Add shape” – adding various graphically forms;
  • “Add photo” – adding another photo to the image;
  • “Save” – ​​posting photos on a public user stream.

Online photo editor

Photo editing tools

Work with these functions is intuitive and will not cause user any problems.

To save the result, hover over the photo, click right mouse button, and select “Save Picture As.” FROM using imikimi photoshop the online picture will be saved to your PC.

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The service is a resource that allows you to Quick mode to choose a beautiful frame for a photo online. Earlier a popular resource has radically changed its image, and now more resembles an Instagram-level social network rather than a network graphics editor. Free functionality of Imikimi .com Photoshop allows you to not only insert a photo into a beautiful frame, but also Take advantage of unique photo editor tools.

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