Info-lesson – Entrance for a student by access code for olympiads

LIFEHACK – a major Russian educational portal

Site is one of the largest educational portals in Russia for a student. Its creators set ourselves the goal of creating an all-Russian digital society educators who would receive timely access to all new to the educational process. With time functionality has grown, hundreds of thousands have gained access to the site teachers, students and their parents. Now a resource more than one million people visit daily, and this number continues to grow constantly. Portal recommended for use by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Educational portal

Educational portal

Among the resources of the resource

  • Getting the latest educational news the process;
  • Access to the database of teaching materials;
  • Offer their services as tutors (for teachers);
  • Passing tests and getting appropriate evidence
  • Conducting webinars on various topics;
  • Holding contests and olympiads.
  • Submission of applications for participation in the Olympiad and its implementation.

Registration on the portal

To take part in the Olympics, you must first go basic registration on the portal. It is necessary for both student (parent), and for the teacher, and consists in performing following operations:

  • Go to the site and click on the tab “Fast registration”;
  • Fill in the registration data (name, country, e-mail, password, password confirmation, user type) and click below on “Register”;

    Fill in the registration data

    Fill in the registration data

  • It will remain to go to your mail, find confirmation there letter, and by clicking on the link in it, confirm your account on

    Click on the confirmation link in the letter

    Click on the confirmation link in the letter

How to enter for students for the Olympiad in individual code

From January 30, 2019, a free international winter is held Olympiad “Infourok-2019”. In its course, students from grades 1 to 11 can test your knowledge of mathematics, biology, the world around you, Russian and English. For her teacher registered on the portal, and adds students wishing to take part in the Olympics, in the section “My classes”. Then using the button “Download access codes” he downloads special access codes, which are distributed to students participating in Olympics.

For such a student, an entrance to the Olympiad by an individual code on is as follows:

  • The student goes / go (do not forget pre-register on the portal as indicated a little higher);
  • In your account in the window on the left, select “My Olympiads”;


    Click on “My Olympics”

  • In the window on the right, “International Olympics Infourok 2019″ click on “Start Walkthrough”;
  • Enter the passcode your teacher gave you earlier, and click on “Next”;

    Enter the access code given to you by the teacher

    Enter the access code given to you by the teacher

  • Choose the subject of the passage, the email of the parents, and proceed to the passage of the Olympics.


In our material, we examined how to enter the students for the Olympics by individual code on, and what is the sequence steps when performing the specified procedure. Please note that before It is necessary to take part in the individual code Olympiad go through basic registration on the portal, confirming your data through e-mail. It will remain to go to your personal account on the portal, select “My Olympiad “, enter the access code received earlier, and proceed to participation in the Olympics.

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