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What does the ISBN code mean?

ISBN stands for English. translates as an international book standard (International Standard Book Number). Not a single book that is issued by one or another edition, can not do without this number. Among others classifications and indices, he is included in the publishing package. Before recently, such a number was issued by the Russian Book Chamber. The number has a code of thirteen digits. He, in turn, is divided into Four sectors with variable length.

The first block of numbers contains information about a group of countries that united in one language of this publication. Number of digits in it may be different.

Consider the country codes:

  • 1 or 0 are assigned to the book in English;
  • 5 – all books created in Russian-speaking countries;
  • 2 – assigned to francophone countries;
  • 7 – to countries with Chinese;
  • 3 – German-language publications;
  • 4 – countries with Japanese;
  • 80 – Czech Republic;
  • 966 – Ukraine;
  • 9956 – Cameroon;
  • 985 – Republic of Belarus;
  • etc.

We are followed by a block with the code of a publishing agency. Composition ISBN numbers depends on the number of books it wants to issue to the world. If such a publisher is larger, it has fewer numbers in code. This distribution allows you to add more digits to the next block that identifies the unique identifier of the book. Accordingly, the more books – the greater the range of numbers necessary for assigning codes.

The next block of numbers, as already mentioned, is assigned to the book as an identifier. This number is unique. In Russian identifier code eight digits. And the last block is usually this one digit – is a check digit for checking the part itself ISBN. It is made according to a special algorithm. Until 2006 ISBN consisted of 10 digits. Since 2007, the new ISBN standard was introduced. is he is already 13 digits. But all the code assigned earlier can also convert to new.

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Additional Book Cipher Information

Numeric ISBNs are required for any publication. According to Russian GOST R 7.0.53-2007, it is located at the bottom Editions of the cover page to the left or right. Any just written book, continuation of a story or its reprinting in must contain an international number standard.

Some publications are assigned two or more of these numerical ISBN code in the following cases:

  • for co-publication – in this case, each publisher must leave your sign in parentheses after the book code;
  • If a multi-volume edition is issued
  • in the case of a complete publication, which is collected in one folder, contained under the general cover and so on;
  • a book that is first published in translation from another language (at the same time there is the number of the translation in round parentheses, information about the original).

Information about the publisher is transmitted to a special international special index agency publishing houses, a kind of archive.

How to get an ISBN for an author

Many book publications today may offer advertising provide the author with such a code for free. One such organization is

Service to get ISBN for free

Here the author will be able to find some more tools for creating of your book, for example, a layout editor. The site offers free Assign ISBN to your book. This means that when you download a copy, you You can activate the item “Assign on site”. After the moderator will check your application, the book will be assigned identifier.

In Russian publishing organizations, the price of receiving and assignment book ISBN standard and is 1239 rubles. If register directly with a bookroom or other registrar, you are already a publisher. It does not have the meaning of who you are is a legal entity or an individual. At the first registration you will be charged an additional fee. After that for Receiving ISBN will be standard for print and non-print versions.

Compared to Russia, in America, the cost of code assignment costs writers an order of magnitude higher. Its price is about 130 dollars.

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Is it possible to do without an individual code

As before, in our days it is practically impossible to do without ISBN. After all, it allows you to enter your work in the general book register, without which is not accepted on such network platforms as iBook, Amazon, Store and others.

If we talk about paperless books, then sometimes they do without ISBN. Some digital stores accept books without this sign. In the case of paper – it is necessary.

Other designations on books

If you pick up any book, then on its first pages you can find some similar notation:

Abbreviation Decryption
UDC Universal decimal classification designation. She used in all printing publishers of the world. UDC in English language looks like UDC. It helps to classify various works – from scientific books to literary ones. They are used also to search for the necessary information and organize books in the search. UDC helps to create funds of various documents in all sectors knowledge of publishers and libraries.
BBK Classification, which is intended for the foundation of library funds, in other words, library and bibliographic classification. Serves to organize catalogs of libraries and collections. BBK consists of tables that use numbers and letters for indexing. Each combination of numbers and letters in the table may include a specific edition. Library staff can determine which one section refers to certain books.
Copyright sign The character set that the author of this book refers to. Usually, it consists of only 1 letter or 2 digits.

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Differences in the process of obtaining ISBN for paper and electronic editions

When you receive the ISBN for the paper version of the book, you will need transfer a number of copied copies of your works. Usually it is 25-30 pieces. This is required for the newsletter. books on large libraries and several copies remain with publisher or in the book room. The author must provide these copies free of charge at their own expense. What is not always at hand authors who sometimes make small runs to determine success of the book, but here you need to print them yourself and give is free.


Barcode ISBN

For an e-book when assigning an ISBN, you must provide only one copy of it. But here it will already be very simply.

When is ISBN not needed?

If in some book you did not find ISBN – this may mean that you are holding one of the following publications:

  • sheet edition;
  • hard copies;
  • edition that has special restrictive notes
  • music brochures;
  • lecture notes;
  • preprint;
  • special edition of technical documents and so on.

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