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  • 1 When you try to enter VTB24 online, an error occurs
  • 2 What to do if the Java applet is not loaded
  • 3 Is it possible to do without Java

When you try to enter VTB24 online, an error occurs

Some VTB24 customers, when trying to log into VTB24 online an error occurs. It is just due to the fact that the Java applet either not installed in the system, or it is disabled.

VTB24 website

VTB24 website

To fix this error with loading Java and log in without problems in the account control panel you will need to perform a number of simple action.

What to do if Java applet is not loaded

Download Java from the official site

Download Java from the official site

First of all, you need to install the software itself security. If it is downloaded but not enabled, download it anyway – Let the latest version be installed. For this:

  1. Visit the Java download page on the official website;
  2. The resource must independently determine the operating system and offer a link to download the correct software version;
  3. Click on the red button “Download Java for free”;
  4. After that, the download process will immediately begin;
  5. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions;
  6. Restart your browser.

It should be noted that in Google Chrome (since the 42nd version) Java applet is not officially supported because the corporation Considers related technology obsolete. Therefore, to use java launch another web browser for example Firefox.

Enable Java in Firefox

Enable Java in Firefox

To avoid problems with Java, do the following actions:

  1. Launch Firefox (if it is missing, then download and install it from the official site);
  2. Open the program menu and click on “Add-ons”;
  3. Once on the appropriate page, go to the tab “Plugins”;
  4. Opposite the item “Java platform module” there will be a switch – set it to Always On (if it’s already on, then do nothing);
  5. You can restart the browser.

After performing these steps, go to the one you are interested in. site – all its functionality (of course, if it does not use others third-party technologies) will work, and errors loading Java the applet will not occur.

Is it possible to do without Java

If you do not need to use web applications (as in case in VTB24 banking client), created on the basis of Java EE, then the corresponding applet is useless to you. Gradually even large companies are moving to more relevant now for the web technologies, making interaction with the functions of their services much easier for the end user.

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