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I found the Duolingo platform for good reviews, a lot about it referred to as an excellent learning resource that combines learning grammar, pronunciation, mastering new words with using crowdsourcing (online assistance and participation in training many people who voluntarily prompt, explain and discuss translation options and more). Duolingo matches to all my wishes, you don’t need to download and update anything, but you can simply register with your password and log in with any computer and PC memory does not take. I easily found official site https://www.duolingo.com/, entered your mail and set a password for registration, and now I go home and at work here and perform tasks.

Choosing a language for learning

Choosing a language for learning

Stages of training and design of the Duolingo platform

  • The entire Duolingo course is thought out to the smallest detail and composed in the form of a game. The material is broken into blocks, starting with the simplest basics of English and ending with the construction of complex sentences.
  • The initial levels seemed to me very simple, and spend on they didn’t have much time, because there is a function “pass the skill ahead of schedule. ”
  • When completing a task, not only spelling is trained, but pronunciation comments and ask questions to other participants and teachers project.
  • Before each lesson there is a description of grammar rules with examples and explanation.
  • For the daily passage points are awarded (lingots), which allow you to purchase for them certain training for a while and tests to test your knowledge.
  • You can also always see how certain lessons on the official Duolingo website, and which ones you need to go through again and You can still translate various thematic materials, check the translations of others and see the rating and corrections from other participants.

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