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AIMP audio player and a special plugin for it

AIMP is one of the most popular audio players. He possesses no only a convenient interface and ample opportunities for customization, but also support for official plugins and add-ons from third-party developers.

Listening to music in VK through AIMP

Listening to music on VK through AIMP

To listen to music from VKontakte without going to the social website network, first you need to download and install the application itself. This should be done on the official website of the product.

When this is done, you will need to install a special add-on, which can be found on the forum of the official site of AIMP. The corresponding forum topic describes the capabilities of the plugin, and also understandable instructions for installing and configuring it.

It should be noted that having the appropriate plugin, you can not only listen to VK music from your playlist, but also:

  • Listen to audio recordings from groups;
  • Play music from other users of the social network;
  • Search for new tracks and include them.

Of particular note is that with this application You can download your favorite audio to your computer.

How to listen to VK music offline

AIMP with the specified plugin does not support playing music from VKontakte is offline (that is, without an Internet connection). To play audio that has already been heard on the device, which does not have access to the network, you will need to use one from the extensions for the Chrome browser. The most popular of them are two: OnePlayer и “Music player VKontakte OFFLINE” .

OnPlayer to listen to VK music offline

OnPlayer to listen to VK music offline

OnePlayer is an almost complete application with many features and capabilities, of which play VK music without going into it. In particular, it can and allows you to:

  • Listen to music in VK from anywhere (from personal playlist, groups, microblog entries, from friends and etc.);
  • Count the number of plays;
  • Display album covers and tags;
  • Search for similar songs;
  • And, of course, quietly save (cache) the currently playing music for its subsequent playback offline.

This application can expand to full screen and be used as a full player. Using it you can even play music that is present on the hard drive computer / laptop.

Music player VKontakte OFFLINE

Плеер музыки ВКонтакте OFFLINE

The next extension for Chrome is VKontakte Music Player OFFLINE. “Unlike OnPlayer, it doesn’t have that much. number of functions. It has only the essentials: listening own playlist and music search. The application can be launched, being on any browser tab.

In addition to directly caching songs for later listening to them offline through Chrome using this extension You can download your favorite music to your hard drive.

How to listen to Vkontakte music without going into it

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