Mi Pay Xiaomi what kind of program is this


What is Mi Pay Xiaomi?

Mi Pay is a contactless payment technology, implemented in the form of the same name mobile application by the company Xiaomi The calculation for goods and services is based on Using NFC technology, as well as QR codes, making it convenient pay for purchases in stores, pay for utilities services, perform other types of payment transactions. All this eliminates the need to constantly carry a lot bank cards.

Mi Pay Cards

Mi Pay frees you from having to carry banking cards.

Xiaomi itself installs the specified on its phones UPI application (from Unified Payments Interface – interface standardized payments). Therefore, having acquired a new device, you You can see on it and Mi Pay. In this case, delete the program as usual way will fail.

Mi Pay Development Timeline:

date Event
September 1, 2016 Technology launched in China at the local payment level services.
March 2019 Announced the launch of Mi Pay in India.
June 6, 2019 Proclaimed a strategic agreement partnership between Xiaomi and Mastercard.

The exact launch date of the technology in the Russian Federation is not known.

Program benefits

After we figured out what kind of program is Mi Pay Xiaomi, consider also the advantages of its use.

Among the latter, the following are distinguished:

  • The application is preinstalled on the device, there is no need Download it separately
  • It allows you to work with your bank accounts in various banks;
  • Payment from contacts, scanner, application storage screen and SMS
  • Sending or requesting money from other users by UPI or account number;
  • Convenient recharge of your mobile account;
  • Payment of utilities, Internet, etc;

    Mi Pay Accounts

    Mi Pay makes it easy to pay your bills

  • Pay for goods or services at any store that supports UPI payments;
  • Creating (changing) UPI-PIN for your bank account;
  • Payment by scanning any QR code UPI;
  • Create a personal static / dynamic QR code for receiving payment from other UPI users;
  • Checking the balance of the linked bank account;
  • Check transaction history.

As you can see, the capabilities of Mi Pei Xiaomi are quite extensive. How so use the app?

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How to use Mi Pay

To use Mi Pay, you will need to run application, and carry out the procedure of binding to it your bank card. You will need to enter the card details, for which click on “Bank Card”, select “Add Bank Card”, and enter the data your card.

Map binding

Follow the map binding procedure

To make payments, just bring your smartphone to the terminal with support for contactless payments. The Google Pay and Apple Pay systems work the same way, because users familiar with these systems will not be found here any problems.

Payments through the terminal

To make payments, just bring the smartphone to terminal

Please note that the capabilities of Mi Pay are tied to the functionality NFC contactless technology. If your gadget does not support the specified technology, you can safely remove Mi Pei from your device.

How to remove software

Since Mi Pay is a preinstalled application, then delete it in the standard way will not work.

To stop the application you need to do following:

  1. Go to settings, and select “All applications” there;
  2. Among the listed applications, find “Mi Pay”;
  3. Tap on it, and select “Uninstall Updates” below;
  4. The application icon will no longer be displayed on the main the screen of your gadget.

    Uninstall Mi Pay Updates

    Select “Uninstall Updates”

If during the next update the icon reappears on desktop, just repeat the above procedure operations.

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In our article, we examined what kind of program for the smartphone Mi Pay Xiaomi, and what is the functionality of its application. This software is active used in China and India, and is only going to go on Russian market. Moreover, the convenience of its use is enormous, and many users have yet to appreciate all its benefits. How soon we will see Mi Pay in Russia – time will tell.

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