Mobvista700 what is this folder on Android


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What is Mobvista?

Mobvista is a Chinese company, specializing in mobile advertising (usually for Android applications) and the publication of games abroad. She offers software solutions designed to monetize applications, allowing game creators to earn money by advertising and users clicking on various advertising links.

Mobvista700 what is this folder on Android

Mobvista – Mobile Marketing Innovation

In addition, Mobvista software tools allow you to build information about the user, and transmit it to the developers of the advertising content without the prior consent of the gadget owner.

Accordingly, the Mobvista 700 folder is one of the components placing advertising content on your device, as well as collecting information about user preferences of the owner of the device.

Should I remove Mobvista 700

After we considered that this Mobvista 700 is worth decide whether to get rid of the Mobvista 700 folder. Given the advertising nature of this software, and the collection of user information, you should consider deleting the specified folder from your gadget.

It’s also important to understand that some mobile Applications include built-in Mobvista functionality. Is worth view when this folder appeared on your device (file managers will help), and with the installation of which mobile applications it can be connected. After this procedure it is worth making a decision to delete the Mobvista 700 folder with your device.

Removing Mobvista Adware

Removing Mobvista Adware


Mobvista mobile applications are specialized software aimed at advertising on mobile Android OS applications. Therefore, when considering the purpose Directory Mobvista700 on Android you should understand that this a folder is a structural element of such software, executing relevant role in mobile advertising. When finding of this folder, I recommend deleting it from your device, thereby saving the last from the appearance on it of many unnecessary advertising.

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