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In contact My page is the main place in which all information about you is displayed. On this page your avatar (main photo), your data: name, surname, age, place residence, work, study and more. Yours are also visible here. photos, videos and news published by you. All the information you fill it yourself. How to go to your VK page, see below in article. Vkontakte my page login Everyone decides which share information about yourself. Nobody forces to give about themselves truthful information, but generally accepted that in social networks people perform under real names and with real information about to myself.

How to enter My VKontakte page without a password – detailed the way

To get started, go to the main page of the social network:

VKontakte login - username and password

Login to the page in the contact (opens in a new window browser).

  1. Click the link “Forgot your password?” under the buttons “Login” and “Registration” (example on photo below): VKontakte my page login without password
  2. In the window that opens, enter your login, e-mail (e-mail) or the mobile phone number you used to log in your page. After entering the data, press the button “Further”: VKontakte restore my page
  3. Next, enter the Last Name, which is indicated in your page (profile), click “Further”: my vk page by last name search
  4. If the page presented by the system matches yours, confirm by clicking on the button that this is your page: own page vkontakte profile confirmation
  5. To the phone number (if the page is attached to it) which indicated in paragraph number 2 SMS will come with a code, His must be entered in a special field, and click “Change password. “If you entered an email address on send an email with a link to restore access: password recovery vk by mail
  6. In the letter, click on the link to reset your password, in in the window that opens, enter your e-mail and new password: change password vkontakte
  7. A letter will come to the mail with all the data necessary for entrance.

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Having forgotten the personal data required to enter, look for them on the site doesn’t make sense. Log in to your Vkontakte page, if it is blocked or directly from without a password is impossible. Correctly filling out all the points of this instruction will allow without problems using your page with a new password.

Download VKontakte to your computer – an application for sharing posts

VKontakte login You just need to remember what you exhibit information about yourself on public display. Of course, you can limit the circle of people who see your page – for example, open access only for friends or for some chosen people, but not all about this is taken care of. Keep in mind that even though this is called private information, but you give information about yourself to the owners of the Contact, and they may use this information at their discretion. I.e of course, you are not the full owner of the page, because This site is not yours. But on the Internet everywhere like that, do not talk about it worry just know when you’re reporting something about to myself.

To go to your page, you can go to the official website social network Vkontakte, also you can do this by clicking on ссылку ниже: VK login to my pageГде она находиться?

You need to log in to the official site and your page will be there. To get on it, enter the site (first you will see a news feed from your friends and groups) and click on the link “My page” in the left column. You can log in using the link above. If not it turns out to enter or the page is “blocked”, read this: “Do not enters into Contact – what to do? “and follow all instructions. Vkontakte page looks like

Page Details

“My page” is your unique control center, and for guests who come to her – a source of information about you.

What can be seen on it? If you look from left to right, then first comes a menu through which you can get to others sections. Then – information about you; in the left column is yours photo (or avatar, ava), a list of friends who are online now, links to your photo albums and more. In the right column shows information about you: name, date of birth, hometown, family position, contact information, places of study and work.

Usually, to view all the information, you need to click on the link “Show full details.” Below is the so-called “wall” on which you can write something – you can yourself, other people can (if you allowed them – all this is possible tune).

Use the links to change or add information. “Ed.” or “Edit” (top left), then remember to click Save. And note that when you go into editing, at the top there are tabs “Basic”, “Contacts”, “Interests” – clicking on them will take you to the editing of others sections of your page.

Quick entry

You can go to your page using the link above in this article. You will immediately get to the official website where you will have to enter your login and password to enter the network.

VKontakte login page

The first time you need to log in to the site with the “Login” button. Then the entrance to The contact will be as in the picture below, if you click on your name, your page will open, where all the information about you, where You can write statuses, upload photos and the like. By clicking on the word “Messages”, you will open your correspondence. When clicked on any elsewhere (for example, on a blue heading), the site will open as usually on a news feed:

My VK news page

The most convenient thing is to set the start page. The site will be always at hand. There is not only access to all major sites, but and Internet searches, and other useful features. For example, you can see which friends are online without going online and staying invisible. In addition, you see all the latest events at home: who answered who put the heart, who wrote on the wall and like that.

enter my vkontakte page

Do employers view social media pages?

Yes, according to the HeadHunter group of companies, back in 2010 more than half of Russian companies recognized that used social networks to find employees, i.e. they looked for people there and looked at their pages. VK is not the most popular social network for this, it was used only by 33% of employers. On the first place – professional “My Circle”, 43% of employers used it to search.

What is the conclusion? In our time, it may well be that the future the employer, checking your resume, will find you through a search, will go on your page and look at it. Or maybe he just will look for employees and offer you a job! After all, according to your page, if there is enough information, it is quite possible to make an impression about what kind of person you are, and if you indicated where and by whom you work or worked, then immediately see this information.

How to restrict access to my page, how to close it from others people?

An understandable desire is to close your VK page other people, for example, from everyone but friends. Or allow view on it only some information. All this is possible to do. Go to the “My Settings” menu, and then select Privacy tab. You will see many settings, you can change what you need; for example, opposite “Who sees the main the information of my page “select” Only friends “- then no one, except for those you have added as friends, will not see the information that indicated on your page. The main thing is to save all the settings that were changed.

There is an interesting feature: you can see how your looks page when it is viewed by other, strangers. On the same tab, at the very bottom there is a link “You can see how they see Other users have your page. “And if you want to see what sees a specific person on it, then there will be a small a window where you can enter a friend’s name or a link to the page of any man, then you’ll see your page as if he looked at her.

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