New design of Vkontakte for a computer


For the first time in its long history, a social network Vkontakte has changed the interface. But how to incorporate a new design or change design among the first? What features in design update of the most popular social network Vkontakte?

New design vkontakte The Vkontakte project was implemented in 2006, since then the interface of the social network has been a stronghold stability in a changing virtual world. However, nothing lasts forever it’s time and Vkontakte.

Creating a new Vkontakte account is very simple, in just a few minutes you will have your own page in the most popular social CIS networks.

Vkontakte new design for computers and laptops

Updated Vkontakte is now wider, more universal, simpler and more modern. The font has increased and the menu has been rethought. Tab “messages” have been redone so that it is easier to answer new replicas and switch between dialogs. New notifications now displayed in one place when they were scattered before throughout the menu: add-ons, mentions, likes, days birth, etc.

design for vk Initially, the new design was tested on million users. Now everyone is gradually connecting to it. If the new interface is turned on by you yourself, then the former return will not succeed. How to enable the new design of Vkontakte To connect a new VKontakte design yourself, on the full version in the left-side menu (right below the ad) find the “use new version” link and click her. Temporarily, you can still return the previous design by link to the old version, which is located in the same paragraph. However, this opportunity will soon be removed.

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