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Information about the OFD.ru service

OFD stands for Fiscal Data Operator. This is the data that is usually left on the check when shopping at supermarkets and other similar establishments. Company OFD represents a reliable intermediary between the cash register and tax service. It also provides technical support for customers.

After some changes in the law of the Russian Federation, new requirements have been introduced in the use of electronic checks. Now every The entrepreneur must connect their cash registers to OFD. Because she is is for such data at the same time a storage platform, and a way to provide tax data. After each purchase cash desk sends a message to the OFD, where it is processed and sent to the tax. And also to the user who made a purchase.


Check from OFD.ru

Due to the fact that new laws and their requirements are being implemented long enough, not always when shopping in a particular store, we we receive an electronic check by phone or e-mail. Sometimes these checks can be implemented on paper.

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What does it mean if I received a letter with a check

From the above, it’s still not entirely clear why Messages come to customers, and what role they play. These electronic receipts allow you to trade transparently for both tax service of the Russian Federation, and for the end consumer. To send sellers electronic checks forced the state. For receiving messages we (buyers) do not pay a penny. All pays seller.

Thus, electronic checks are more profitable than paper ones, because their price much lower. On the OFD website, an entrepreneur can order specific SMS package. Their cost can be found in the section “Services” .


Select “Services”

The minimum fare for checks through messages is 100. – 200 rubles, 1000 pcs. – 1700 rubles.


List of OFD Check Tariff Plans

Receipts can also be sent to the Viber client. Checks for electronic mailboxes are cheaper.

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Where does OFD.ru get my phone number?

Users have another question – where did the OFD come from? phone number or email address, if previously on the site neither I have never been. If you received a message from the OFD on your phone number – this does not mean that your data has been stolen or spied. The operator is an intermediary for many companies, stores and organizations. This means that when buying a product you could themselves leave their contacts for communication in one of shops.

And then your data was used to send to your mail or mobile electronic check. Since the store is required send checks to the buyer in any form. Which will be convenient as seller and buyer.

The receipt from the message contains different conditional codes, eg:

Codes: Values:
KKT Number of cash equipment (cash desk) in which the buyer made a purchase
FP Check number
E-chek Purchase time
Total Amount of payment for goods

Do I need an electronic check from a message

The electronic bill under the new law has the same legal force, like a paper copy. The user must save it in case if the goods for some reason need to be returned to the store. Or to carry out its exchange. Thus, if for some reason you will not have a check, you cannot do it. Therefore do in in your e-mail a separate folder, you can with a password. In which You will now collect receipts from OFD.ru from different shops.

It’s not so easy to get rid of a received email message. After all, even if you delete it from the inbox mail, it still ends up in the basket. From which may soon to be extracted. Paper checks go right into the ballot box around the corner store and practically can not be restored. We may not even remember exactly where the check of the goods was thrown away. Especially if it a small purchase. Electronic check is always possible print if a copy must be presented in court or in a store upon return.

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Other OFD.ru services for clients

The site has several services and tools for customers and buyers alike. For example, if you received a check by SMS, you can check it for authenticity. Or check with which is in the OFD.ru database. To check the check go to at https://check.ofd.ru/. And enter the required data from Your copy: FN, FD, FPD, FP. You will see examples of these lines on example next to the validation form.

Check Verification Form

Form for checking my check

The site has a section where you can purchase online cash desks from OFD service tariffs – https://ofd.ru/shop/moskva/onlajn-kassa. For branded stores with their own brand or brand, the operator offers branding of electronic checks. After connecting services, the store will be able to send checks via SMS or e-mail with its logo. Now you know what exactly means when you suddenly I received a message with a receipt from OFD.ru.

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