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What is Origin?

Today, major developers’ own applications is something necessary, like a business card. Like Steam from Valve, Electronic Arts also created a similar client, where everyone can log in, buy and download a game package for installation on your computer. It is called Origin. You can download it at https://www.origin.com/eng/ru-ru/store/download. You only need indicate your operating system and click on the button “Download”.

Each user can manage their Origin account. FROM You can use it to chat with friends. You can do it even during game time. Integrated with PlayStation inside the client Network, Facebook, and Xbox Live. The client is configured in such a way that games are automatically updated over the network. Users can save your progress in games in the cloud.

Download Origin

Origin Client Download Page

What to do when waiting for payment Origin

The official Electronic Arts forum on payment delays there are many topics. This is where users who paid for the product write companies using Qiwi eWallet. But in response they see a message that a payment is expected. And even after some time they meet all the same message.

According to the Qiwi system rules, a payment can be processed up to two days. Only then can you seek help at support. Those who have already come across this claim that it is common when buying EA games. On average, players expect completion of payment after one day. In support explain that this is a temporary inconvenience. All games paid with electronic payment systems are confirmed longer than if you pay them with a credit card.

This is due to the special interaction of Qiwi, Yandex Money or WebMoney and EA systems. Use when paying Origin customer slightly reduces the likelihood of a long payment. But the client does not exclude delay options. Therefore the only advice for users will be – expect. If more than a month has passed since payment 48 hours, and the status means: waiting for payment Origin, you can write in support of the system with which they paid. Or in support EA.

Payment State

Payment status “Pending payment” in Origin

What to do if more than 48 hours have passed after payment in Origin

Like other electronic systems, Origin has a technical support in Russia. To contact her, you can call from mobile number +7 495 660 53 17. You can contact at weekdays from 12:00 to 21:00 Moscow time. You can order a reverse Call using the feedback form.

You can find the form as follows:

  1. Open the official page https://help.ea.com/en/ and Choose one of two options: “Games”, “Account”. You You need to log in to the system to continue. At one of the steps the system itself will offer to do this;

    Login to EA Account

    EA Account Login Form

  2. Choose the first option and then in the horizontal list of games select the Origin client;
  3. In the next window below you will see a list of topics that are already discussed on the forum. Perhaps from the list of topics you will find suitable option. At the top of the drop-down windows, you can select the theme and platform, on which the application is installed. To the right is the line search;
  4. If the answer to your question is not found, lower the window down and Find the orange Contact Us button;
  5. Then select a product, in our case it can be a client Origin;
  6. Specify the platform on which the client is installed;
  7. Enter the subject of the appeal and describe in detail your problem. Important indicate the time that has passed since the payment and others data;
  8. Below the completed form will be several options for contacting support. You can call the number provided above, request a call back or write to e-mail.

    Contacting Technical Support

    Contact EA Technical Support

If you select a callback, you will need to indicate your number. After a while, the consultant will call you and discuss with you the problem you’ve encountered.

What to do so that the payment goes straight to Origin

So you don’t have to wait a few hours for your paid game in EA client, payment must be made using bank card or account. With this method, payment is made right away. You also need to carefully fill in the fields when paying. Error may also affect the speed of payment. In some cases, it may be a failure in the payment system and the payment will not pass at all. Status – Origin may take several days to wait.

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