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The reasons for the delay in sending customs

In the process of tracking our package, we may find that The status of our package has changed to “Parcel delayed at customs” or similar, which signals problems in passing customs control.

The reasons for the delay in sending in Aliexpress may be as follows:

  • The presence in the parcel of a number of similar products (ten identical phones, dresses, jackets, etc.), which may be a sign commercial cargo;
  • Deliberate understatement of the value of those in the package goods;
  • The difference in the declared gross and net goods;
  • The total value of the goods in the parcel exceeds 1000 euros, while customs was not paid for this parcel duty;
  • The total weight of the parcel is more than 31 kg. When overweight also a fee is paid;
  • The presence in the parcel of prohibited goods for importation (drugs, weapons, plants and animals, alcohol, art objects, jewelry, spy gadgets, etc.). In this case, the goods will be arrested with an investigation;
  • Copyright Infringing Items (as was the case with Xiaomi Phones);
  • The desire of customs to clarify the data on the sender.

The recipient may be notified of the delay in the parcel at customs delivery system (letter from the logistics service). But especially you shouldn’t hope for it, because it will be better to track it yourself delivery of your goods on the website of the Russian Post and Chinese postal companies.

Also, earlier we examined what to do if it appears on the site Aliexpress message “Sorry, you have no authorization to access this page “.

Notification of delayed parcels at customs in parcel status

Notification of delayed parcels at customs in parcel status

What to do if the customs has delayed the parcel from China

If your parcel with Aliexpress received the status of “Parcel detained at customs “- do not rush to panic. On passing at customs, some goods may need 3-5 days, after which the package is sent further.

If after the specified 5 days the package still has “Parcel delayed at customs” status (when checking on the Mail website Russia), then you need to contact customs, and try find out the reason for the delay.

If the seller is guilty of the delay (incorrectly filled accompanying documentation, the necessary fees have not been paid, etc.), It is necessary to open a dispute with the seller for the return of your paid funds. At the opening of the dispute, the administration of “AliExpress” will offer within 7 days to provide you with documents confirming seller’s fault in the customs delay of the goods.

If there are problems with the delivery of the goods, open a dispute with the seller

If there are problems with the delivery of goods, open a dispute with seller

These documents can be obtained from the customs service, however, it may take from 3 to 30 days to receive them (which in Ali’s proposed 7 days clearly does not fit). To speed up the process will need to go to the distribution a post office where the following documents will be requested from you:

  • The invoice from the store in which it was committed purchase;
  • A document confirming the payment of the goods (usually a statement of account);
  • Passport (original and photocopy). With many of the same type goods in the parcel may also require copies of passports relatives in order to make sure that these goods are bought for them;
  • Photos of goods in the package;
  • An explanatory note form listing the names of the goods in the parcel and their purpose.

If necessary, you will be required to pay a fee for your package, Why do you need a passport and identification code.

If these documents can be obtained, they will be necessary send to the seller, and wait for the dispute to be resolved. You can expect to return the full price paid earlier goods less transportation costs, although there have been cases that 50% or less of the cost of the goods was returned to customers.

Usually the parcel is at customs no more than 14 days after notifications of the parcel recipient about the delay, after which it will be sent back. Moreover, in some cases (airmail) her stay at customs may be 30 days.

You may also be wondering what the Customs clearance status is. upon delivery of goods from Ali.


If your parcel is delayed at customs, do not rush to panic. Perhaps in 3-5 days she will safely pass the customs control and go to the recipient. If the package is on customs for a longer time (more than 5 days), then I recommend contact customs and find out the reasons for the delay. When The seller’s direct fault is safe to open a dispute on Ali, and it is possible that you will be paid back the amount previously paid.

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