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  • 2 When is it possible to withdraw Payment From 5110 Payment From?

Why is money withdrawn from an account signed with Payment From?

Reason for withdrawing money from the line Payment From 5110 Payment From – technical overdraft (from the English. overdraft – overspending). That is, you spent more money than was on the account, and borrowed the missing amount from Sberbank, for which he accrued commission on current credit rates – this commission and marked with this line in the statement.

The situation is clear if you use a credit card with the service “Overdraft”, but on debit cards the usual overspending is not possible, since they can only be used your personal funds. You should understand why this is happening. technical overdraft.

From the name of the operation, in principle, everything is clear – it happens technical cost overruns not due to user or bank actions, but due to the nature of the mechanism of the banking system as a whole. This can happen not only in Sberbank, but also in any other the bank.

Overdraft lines can be found in the statement at Sberbank Online

In the statement on the Sberbank website, the deduction of Payment From is indicated without code 5110

When is it possible to withdraw Payment From 5110 Payment From?

Consider several situations in which technical overdraft.

  1. Too fast spending of funds credited to the card. Suppose you initially had 0 p. In your account, then you put on her 10 thousand p. through an ATM. According to the regulations they must do to the account within a period of 3 min. up to 4 days; however on the map information about money and, accordingly, money appears instantly. Putting money, you went to the store and bought a smartphone for the same 10 thousand rubles. They were debited from the card, but since there were still 0 p. On the account, the balance became equal to -10 thousand rubles. – this is a technical overdraft, due to a delay in replenishment of the account. Because money is still come, and pretty quickly, the commission for the debt will be only several tens of rubles – that’s why the money was withdrawn from the account Sberbank on the line Payment From 5110 Payment From.
  2. Currency spending and overdraft due to exchange rate differences. Let’s say you have there are 1000 p. You had lunch at a European restaurant for € 15, which equals 957 p. But while banking was carried out, the euro jumped up to 70 p and € 15 became equal to 1050 p. 50 p had to borrow from Sberbank – a technical overdraft has arisen.
  3. Fee for cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks. If you withdraw money from the card “to zero”, not taking into account the commission, the card will go away minus, for which a fine for overdraft will be charged.
  4. Commission for using the card. It is removed annually, and if at the time of debiting, there will be no money in the account, the card will go to overdraft.
  5. Operations without authorization. You can pay for some services. card without entering a PIN code – for example, with contactless payment bills up to 1000 r. At the same time, money is not withdrawn instantly, and if by the time of debiting, there will be no funds on the card; overspending.

Sberbank always returns funds erroneously written off by overdraft

If the charge is large, you should contact Sberbank – money will be returned

It’s important to keep in mind that since there’s no customer fault in the overdraft, when applying for compensation of a withdrawn commission, Sberbank will always decide The question is in your favor. Is it worth bothering because of several cents – it’s up to you, but it’s better to just avoid such situations in the future. So you don’t have to think about why the money was withdrawn from your account Sberbank Payment From 5110 Payment From, it’s better to spend money a few days after they are credited to the card and always take into account possible commissions and financial fluctuations.

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