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The popular social network “Photo Country” is one of the most visited in Russia. More recently, she celebrated a decade. about one million daily use of its work, its services people, and the total audience of the resource is an impressive figure in 50 million. Organically combining the functionality of a social network site dating and entertainment portal, it allows users with positively spend time on the resource, meet new people, play many exciting games.

The content of the article:

  • 1 How to launch a mobile version of the Photo Country website
  • 2 How to use the mobile version on a PC
  • 3 Sections of the site “Photo Country”
  • 4 Conclusion

How to launch a mobile version of the Photo Country website

The creators of the project “Photo Country” in developing the functionality of the site took into account the many wishes of their users. One such wishes was the opportunity to launch a mobile version of the site on stationary pc. To accomplish this task, you must go to the mobile version of the site, after which you will be all the amenities of mobile implementation are available.

Alternative (albeit somewhat complicated option) launch the mobile version of Photostran on a PC is to use mobile application “Dating nearby in the Photo Country”.

  1. To run this application on a PC it will be necessary install any emulator of the Android OS on the computer (for example, “Nox App Player”).
  2. After starting the emulator, and authorizing in it using your Google account.
  3. You must search for this application using the search function, install it, and start using its features.

Use the functionality of this application

Use the functionality of this application

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How to use the mobile version on PC

After switching to the mobile version of the site from a PC, you will be offered register, or enter your username and password (login to My page).

Register on the resource

Register on the resource

After entering the last one, you immediately get to the photo contest, in which you are offered to rate like this or that person.

At the photo contest you will be asked to rate your favorite photos

At the photo contest you will be asked to rate your favorite photos

If, after registering on “Photo Country”, you’re fully version of the site, then again use the link above for Login to PhotoStation mobile version.

There are two main buttons on the top left:

  • “Messages” – here you can see your correspondence with other users of the resource;
  • “Settings” (three horizontal lines) – when clicking on this button opens the window for switching to the necessary you sections of the site. Messages, news, photos, Meetings, people, friends, and the user finance section. Also here there is a section of special offers of the site on which various games are presented.

    When you click on the settings button, a list of sections of the site will open

    When you click on the settings button, a list of sections will open site

At the very bottom are various technical and service options thanks to which you can switch to the full version site, get help from support, read legal information, as well as leave the resource.

Service Options List

Service Options List

Sections of the site “Photo Country”

Among the fundamental sections of the site “Photo Country” usually The following are available:

  • Section “People”. Here you can meet new friends, find your soul mate, or just meet some interesting people. This section allows you to take into account your geographical location, offering you an introduction to people, living nearby;


    The People section allows you to meet new people with geographic factor

  • News sections (“My News” and “Interesting news “) – will introduce you to interesting posts, as well as with news relating to you and your page;
  • Section “Photos”. You can spread here are your photos, take part in various competitions (“Perfect Couple”, “Birthday”, etc.), as well as view and Like photos of users you like;
  • “Meetings” – this section offers to start dating in a playful way, using the like you like person. Choose the person you would like to meet, like his photo, and if he likes you in response – then you get a chance for a real meeting;


    The “Meetings” section will help you find a future partner for meetings

  • “My Friends” – will show your friends on website;
  • “My finances” – will show what you have the amount of resource currency (“FM”), as well as its methods replenishment;
  • “Interesting offers” – will offer you play some fascinating game.

    “Interesting offers” will help you choose a fascinating the game

Switching between sections is done by clicking on button “Settings”, which is always located on top.


The mobile version of the site “Photo Country” offers users fast and ergonomic functionality that is convenient to use on PC. To switch to the telephone version of the site, you must go to address, after which you will have access to mobile resource version. If you wish to return to standard (full) version of the site, it will be enough to click on the inscription “Full version”, located at the very bottom of the page.

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