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Game Pokemon Go

Game Pokemon Go

One of the tips in the Coach’s profile is to see the coach’s level, XP score required to advance to the next coaching level, achievements, etc.

Pokedex is a digital encyclopedia of every Pokemon, which can be caught in the game. When you just start playing Pokemon profiles are hidden.

In the items are those items that you took possession of in the process of the game. These may include pokeballs, medicine, eggs, and other game equipment.

In Pokemon you will see a list of all the Pokemon that you could catch with his image and corresponding CP indicator. By clicking on the image, you will receive full information about the Pokemon, including its type, height, weight, movement, etc.

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  • 4 Tip 4. Gyms (choose a command)
  • 5 Tip 5. Pokemon Eggs
  • 6 Tip 6. Pokemon Go bugs and issues
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Start playing pokemon go

At the very beginning of the game Pokemon go you can create your own character, giving him a name and working on his appearance, choosing gender, face, hair, eye color, hat, shirt, pants, shoes and backpack.

At the end of this process, you will be taken to the game screen, where see a map of the area, your avatar nearby Pokemon, Pokestops and Gimes.

As mentioned above, your goal is to capture Pokemon, for which you have to travel a lot around the area. If any of the Pokemon is nearby, you will see animation of moving grass, this will mean that the pokemon is somewhere beside. When you see his image on the map, you will need to click on his image, and you will switch to capture mode.

I also advise you to pay more attention to the menu to the right of poketball, it shows your distance to the nearest Pokemon. One track is very close, three tracks are far away.

When meeting with a Pokemon, you click on its image on map and move to battle mode. The battle itself is throwing balls using swipes in Pokemon, if successful If you hit, you can catch the animal, and its image will become Available at your Pokemon repository. In this case, the color of the ring around Pokemon shows how easy it is to catch (the easiest – green, the hardest is red).

Tip 2. Pokemon

There are a huge number of Pokemon species in the game (more than a hundred), and that’s all they are divided by type (fire, water, electric, etc.), and in terms of evolution (almost every Pokemon has two or three evolutionary forms). If the simplest species are found immediately and in many places, then the rarest will have to run.

Tip 3. Pocket Stops

Pokestops are special stores where you can get Free game inventory for free. It includes pokeballs, medications. and other gaming tools. Usually pokestops (on the map they represented by blue dots) are located at local sights, and you can use them by going to this store by clicking on its blue dot and turning the pokestop disk on screen of your device.

Unfortunately, the number of pokestops is quite limited, with you can help increase their number by data tips.

Tip 4. Gyms (choose a command)

After reaching the fifth level, you will be able to attend the Gym, which are training rooms. There you can pump their Pokemon, leave them to defend the given gim, contributing, the increase in the level of the given hyme. Moreover, the more your Pokemon CP (combat points), the better fighter he is, and the more difficult it is to take possession of the hymn that he guards.

Possession of a hymn is beneficial – every twenty hours you You can receive free bonuses from the game store.

Also, the first time you visit a gym, you will be asked a question about joining one of the three teams – Mystic (blue), Valor (red), Instinct (yellow).

If you plan to play with friends, team selection is very important. Choose the same team as your friends, this will give you the ability to fight together against other teams, defend your gims and attack strangers. You are waiting for a very exciting pastime.

The battle between the Pokémon itself is quite simple, you need quickly tap on the device screen, and using swipe left and right, you can dodge enemy attacks. Usually wins stronger pokemon with high CP and HP.

Tip 5. Pokemon Eggs

Sometimes you will encounter Pokemon eggs from which you can to grow new animals. To do this, place the egg in incubator, and walk with an open application to a specific distance (from 2 to 10 km). Depending on egg level and level character you can bring from the simplest to very rare pokemon.

Tip 6. Pokemon Go bugs and issues

Since the game was released recently, it is quite often There are various bugs and errors. In particular, it is observed problems connecting to game servers problems with GPS signal and locating the character. Moreover, the list the errors encountered are not complete, and their list will grow.


Undoubtedly, the game Pokemon Go is a masterpiece of gaming from Nintendo and Niantic developers, giving players a lot of joy and enjoy the fun of the gameplay. If you haven’t joined the gaming reality of this wonderful game, then it’s time correct this defect, and give yourself a lot of bright and exciting emotions from the addictive gameplay of the game Pokemon Go.

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