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Translation of Received by line-haul status into Russian tongue

Like in Russia, in China after sending from the post office each parcel gets to a sorting center, where different shipments are categorized and sent to points export – seaports and airports. However directly from a sorting center cannot deliver a parcel to the airport – for some time it lies in the warehouse of the transport company.

Parcel tracking statuses in Aliexpress

Aliexpress Parcel Tracking Statuses

If standard delivery is used to send the goods AliExpress, the package is sent to a warehouse in Shenzhen, a city on Chinese border with Hong Kong. The path the package travels between the departure city and Shenzhen, in logistics called the main route – in English it is linehaul. After successful acceptance of the goods in the warehouse, the track issues the corresponding message.

Thus, the status Received by line-haul is translated into Russian language as “Parcel delivered [to the warehouse] by main route. “Different transport companies use different statuses, Received message can be used by line-haul successful, Item received by shipper, Accepted by carrier and others. Each status is accompanied by an exact date and time.

Possible problems

In some cases, the status Received by line-haul does not appear – he, like other marks on the passage of the parcel of various intermediate points of Chinese mail, may be replaced by the word NULL This means that the tracking system used does not have translation of status from Chinese. If no data is needed pay attention to the following points:

  • destination country index – if it has not changed from RU to CN, means, the parcel continues to move to customs;
  • Location field – if the Chinese postal code is written there branches, then the package has returned to its starting point.

If a problem occurs, you must immediately write to the seller to he dealt with the postal service on the spot.

Possible product tracking statuses in the online store:

  • Arrived at destination country;
  • Security check success;
  • Arrived at the destination postal office.

Also, the entire group of intermediate statuses can be replaced by Opening message. This does not mean that the parcel was opened in the mail – just the Chinese simplified everything to one word. This status means that the package is in transit between the post office and customs; more to accurately determine its position in this case is impossible.

In addition, some statuses, including and indicating the reception Parcels in stock may be repeated several times. This is normal, look only at the last message. Sometimes status can not updated for several days or more – this means that the transport company’s warehouse is overloaded, and your parcel’s turn is still just didn’t come. The problem is more relevant on holidays, days. sales and the like when AliExpress sells a lot goods.

After the parcel leaves the warehouse, status Received by line-haul will change to Hand over to airline – “Submitted airlines. “This will mean that the parcel got to the airport Hong Kong will now go through customs at the exit of the country. Soon she will go to the destination country, and her movements can will track using the local postal service.

AliExpress Status Details:

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