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In this article, we will consider a method that will help restore deleted photo from Vkontakte. Just take and quickly recover You can’t get a photo only if you clicked delete photo, the Restore button will appear in case you are mistaken deleted the photo. If you left that page, then the chances to return photo will be reduced several times.

restore deleted photo vkontakte Let’s go consider options for how to recover deleted Photo.

Photos that you deleted from your page do not disappear completely. They remain on VK servers, none of the users has access to them. Recover photo from VK servers practically unreal. To open this photo you need to know the exact link, and its nobody will tell us. And to pick up such a link is completely unrealistic.

Recover deleted photo from Vkontakte page

Therefore, you must immediately use other options. Save photo recovery for a long time should not be.

  1. Check if this photo is on your computer, phone, tablet or other Internet resources that you use. Check all folders, flash drives, drives. search for files on the computer
  2. If your page was open to search engines, an album with Your photo was not closed means the photo can be saved in Google. Often Google makes copies of pages on the Internet and stores them for a while, it’s called in the cache. If from the moment of removal Little time has passed, there is a chance to restore the photo. But it happens that You can only return the thumbnail of the deleted photo.

recover deleted photo from Vkontakte page

How to recover a photo through Google

Check if the page remains in the Google cache. Copy the address your VK page and paste into the search. If the result is something will show, do the following:

  1. Click on the little green triangle next sadres page.
  2. Select “Saved Copy.”
  3. Click on it.

A saved copy of your page will now open. If there is The photo you want to restore, open it and save it on computer or phone (usually for this you need to click on the photo right-click and select “Save Image as-“).

Recover photos from browser cache

If you recently watched this photo in full size, toono could remain in the browser browser — that programs with which you look at sites. Other words, timeless files. This is one of the real chances, you need a program to view the cache.

Search Criteria — Website Address Must contain “”. And the link should be on the file, with extension jpg or png. We’re looking for a graphic file on the Contact website.

restore photos from browser cache

It is not possible to recover a deleted album. They are deleted once and forever and ever. Think before you delete the entire album, maybe just hide it will be easier. And restore photo with likes also impossible. So before you take and delete any photo, think about it.

Log in to your Vkontakte page right now. Save your photo on a computer or on any disk so that later on I had to restore them.

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