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What is the RTF format?

RTF (Rich Text Format) was first developed by several programmers from Microsoft and Adobe in 1982. is he positioned as a meta tag format for storing tagged text documents. Despite changes to some specifications during its existence, it remains so today day. В формате RTF размеченный текст хранится в таком виде: {\rtf1{\ i Hello} {\ b peace!} \ par}. As a result, the word “Hello” will be written in italics, and Mir in bold.

A slash to the left indicates the beginning of the code. All the text behind the control statement will be changed. At the beginning of the whole block должна быть команда \rtf1, которая указывает на то, что разметкаThe text is created in accordance with the rules of the RTF format.

Many word processors (e.g. MS Word or OpenOffice) already contain a set of operators in RTF format for marking text. Most text editors provide the ability to Import and export this format. A built-in many Windows operating systems WordPad editor saves its default files in RTF. In fact, RTF is a common text, so almost all languages ​​can use it programming. To manage and edit this format A large number of modules and libraries have been created.

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Additional information about RTF format

Translating the names of the Rich Text Format into Russian – It is an enriched text format. A set of RTF operators allow save all text styles, for example, bold, italics, underlined. Save color options for text and its elements. When transferring a file in this format to another program, it already contains set of statements for formatting that has been edited by user. You can save tables with various graphic elements.

How to open such a file

The file extension in this RTF format is as follows – file.rtf. Often this format is seen as common to creation and transfer of text documents.

You can open such a file using a number of software software, including those included in the popular Windows operating system:

  • Microsoft Word (Windows);
  • OpenOffice (Free SoftWare);


    Free OpenOffice Text Editor

  • Microsoft WordPad (Windows);
  • NotePad ++ (Free SoftWare);
  • TextEdit (Mac OS X);
  • WordPerfect Office (Corel Corporation);
  • LibreOffiece (Free SoftWare);
  • SoftMaker Offiece (SoftMaker Software GmbH).

The RTF format cannot be opened with a standard Windows notepad, so how it lacks his support. Notepad itself supports minimal text formatting capabilities.

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How to convert RTF to another format

Perhaps you have received an important document in this format and want it change to a more recognizable one, for example, MS Word – there are many ways to do it.

This can be done in the same Word:

  1. To do this, run the editor.
  2. Select “File” in the left corner;
  3. Click on “Open” and select a file in RTF format on your computer;
  4. When it opens in the editor, click the File button again and select “Save As”;
  5. Click the arrow in the “File Type” line;

    Format Selection

    Choosing a format in MS Word

  6. Choose “Word Document” or any other;
  7. Choose a path to save the file and click Save.

This format cannot be changed by simply changing the extension. Do this is only necessary with the help of text editors, which support this format. If you substitute other letters after dots to the file name in RTF, you can get it when you open it strange characters or an operating system error.

You can convert RTF to any other format, even if on No text editor is installed on your computer. But for This device must be connected to the Internet. Take advantage Google Docs

You will also need a Google account:

  1. Open your profile and select Google Drive;
  2. Download the RTF file to disk. Then right-click on it. mouse and select “Open with”;

    Opening a file

    Opening an RTF file in a Google document

  3. Select “Google Docs”;
  4. Next, the process is similar to the previous method – click “File”;
  5. Select “Save As”;
  6. From the list, select the desired format and click save.

When your file is saved on Google Drive, you can easily You can download it to your computer. So we figured out what format is called RTF, and in what programs can it be open.

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