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Where did the Scartel LLC go?

Scartel Limited Liability Company Scartel) was created by the Cypriot (offshore) company WiMax Holding Ltd. “. 75% of shares owned by Telconet Capital Limited Partnership “(according to some reports it is part of the structure Alisher Usmanov), and 25% to Rostelecom.

The scope of the company was the provision of services data transmission based on the Mobile WiMAX technology. Company received frequencies from Roskomnadzor for the development of WiMax and more progressive LTE, and pretty quickly organized on their A mobile network consisting of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

In 2013, the company’s shares were redeemed by PJSC Megafon, which became the sole owner of Scartel LLC.

In 2014, Scartel launched a new federal mobile operator “Yota” . The specified operator for its works uses the power of PJSC Megafon, and is oriented, mainly way to youth audience, creative class and corporate customers. You can purchase a Yota SIM card mainly through Internet and the official application of the operator, followed by SIM card delivery by courier.

The Scartel company itself has gone into the shadows, realizing its mobile products under the brand name “Yota”.

In 2014 LLC

In 2014, Sartel LLC launched a mobile operator “Yota”

The official website of the telecommunications operator Scartel LLC

As we see, in the network we need to search not the site of Scartel LLC, but the site “Yota”, under whose brand “Scartel” operates. Mentioned site located at

Site - very simple and convenient

Site – the most simple and convenient

When you go to the official website, you will need to choose your location, after which you will be offered a complex mobile services from “Yota”:

  • For PC – select a modem or router, with a SIM card for the modem inclusive;
  • For a smartphone – order a SIM card and download the official a mobile application that allows you to choose the optimal tariff a plan appropriate to the wallet and customer needs;
  • For a tablet – similar services with a smartphone (application for tablet and the choice of a SIM card with the optimal package).

Selecting the For Business tab will allow you to move on to the review. Iota offers for corporate clients. Set out here terms of connection for business, analysis of online communication management, coverage map and roaming information and international communication.


The tab “For business” will introduce you to the terms of connection for corporate clients

There is also an online store on the site. where you can purchase different types of SIM cards, modems and routers according to your needs.

Clicking on the Sales Points tab will give you a map of your city ​​(region), where you can buy “Yota” products, and click on “Coverage Map” will show “Iota” coverage in the Russian Federation.

Select option

Selecting the “Point of Sale” option will show you the location of the points Yota Product Sales

In general, Scartel’s resource is rather modest, it offers several key products, focused on usability by customer.


After the purchase of a 100% stake in the company Skratel PJSC Megafon has created a new mobile operator connecting Opportunities “Skratel” with the brand “Yota”. Products of the latter youth oriented, creative class and corporate customers, offering subscribers high-quality Internet and reliable voice communication. Iota will be enough to purchase products visit the official website of the telecom operator, on which a list of offers from the specified mobile the operator.

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