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  • 2 Parcel goes through customs several times: what to do?

Security translation success status translation into Russian

Security check success status appears when sending an order by AliExpress Standard Shipping method at the stage of exporting parcels from China – that is, when passing through an international airport Hong Kong This status means that the goods have passed customs and sent to destination country.

Literally Security check success is translated into Russian as “Successful security check.”

This is the last message that appears when you find Parcels in the country of departure, then the export stage will be marked as passed, and statuses related to transit will begin to appear parcels to Russian customs. Please note that further tracking is only possible if the package has been sent with an international track.

Parcel status Security check success

Package Status Security check success

The term of passage is not regulated – it depends on How busy is China Customs. On average, verification takes 2-10 days, and if the shipment is stuck in customs for 2 weeks or more, You can already write to the seller about the problem.

I also described other statuses when buying goods in Aliexpress online store:

  • Arrived at the destination postal office;
  • Processing, Left the place of international exchange;
  • Processing, arrived at the place of delivery.

Given the volume of exports, many thousands go through the service parcels daily, and each of them, of course, is not checked. Will be whether a particular package has been opened and inspected depends on several factors:

  • if there was a suspicion of transportation during the X-ray prohibited items;
  • whether the packaging is intact;
  • whether the mass of the parcel is declared;
  • Does the declared value correspond to real?

In addition, the package can be selected for random check. way. You can find out if the purchase was opened at customs by the presence of an inspection certificate issued by mail along with the parcel.

If customs officers “deployed” the shipment, in tracking the corresponding status will appear; In addition, the country index destination will change from RU to CN. In this case You must contact the seller on AliExpress.

Parcel goes through customs several times: what to do?

After the parcel has successfully passed the customs check, Departure status from outward office of exchange appears (export) – “Departure from the customs point (export). “This means that the shipment left the country Departure This status may appear several times, while destination country index changes – for example, instead of Russia, the package sent to the Netherlands. Does this mean that the seller was wrong?

This behavior of the track only means that the package has been sent not directly for its intended purpose, but forwarded through Europe. I.e, first she flies from China to one of the European countries, and from there already arriving at customs in Moscow or Novosibirsk. Moreover, each once the shipment passes the customs check, which is accompanied by all intermediate statuses, including Security check success.

It is worth noting that in most cases intermediate messages follow each other very quickly, and you can see them, only if you follow the track non-stop. Therefore, if given There was no status, and the track immediately reported the departure of the parcel from customs, don’t worry.

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