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  • 2 No data for your authentication – what does it mean
  • 3 Step 1. Activate your card
  • 4 Step 2. Check the expiration date of your card.
  • 5 Step 3. Get a new bank card of Sberbank
  • 6 Step 4. Call the contact center of Sberbank
  • 7 Step 5. Connect mobile banking through an ATM Sberbank
  • 8 One-time passwords at Sberbank ATM
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What you need to know about data protection in a bank with 3D Secure

Online shopping security is one of the most important tasks for banks and payment systems. The growth in the number of such purchases attracts many intruders wanting to gain access to user data and then steal money from bank accounts of such users. To prevent such scenarios banks are actively involved in a variety of technologies, one of which is the popular 3D Secure technology.

3D-Secure — это специальный XML-протокол, поддерживающийsecurity of payments on the network using payment cards. Codification “3D” means the use of three independent domains (D):

  • a bank serving a particular chain store;
  • bank – issuer of a payment card;
  • payment system domain (Visa, Master Card and others).

An important step in customer payment identification in 3D-Secure is entering a confirmation password on a secure page on the network. Such a password can only be obtained by phone via SMS, which significantly reduces the attacker’s chances of interception and substitution such a password. After entering the password, confirmation is made payment and payment of the selected product.


Using SMS with a password allows you to secure purchases in the network

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No data for your authentication – what does it mean

The message “Unfortunately, there is no data for your authentication “usually means that your card is not connected 3D-Secure technology. Accordingly, confirm your purchase via sms you cannot. Identification of your identity for the system also difficult.

In addition to the lack of 3D-Secure, the causes of the problem can be the following:

  • Mobile system not connected to your bank card banking, which also uses confirmation via SMS. At this, in addition to user verification, mobile banking provides many opportunities for monitoring and control funds deposited in your bank accounts;
  • Your card is not intended for payments via the Internet. This happens with the simplest and cheapest electronic cards. IN currently, such cards are quite rare. Most banks switched to issuing Visa and Master Card cards with standard basic functionality;
  • Your bank card is not activated, or its action lines already expired. In this case, you will also receive a notification about lack of authentication data at Sberbank.

How to solve the problem with the lack of data for authentication? Let’s find out.

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Step 1. Activate your card

If you have not yet activated your new card, you will need to carry out the procedure for its activation, including confirmation via SMS. Visit your nearest Sberbank branch to complete the procedure. activation.

Step 2. Check the expiration date of your card.

Take your card and make sure that it has not expired. Usually, the month and year of graduation are indicated on the front surface of the card validity period of the card. If this deadline ends, visit Sberbank and update your card.


This card expired in November 2017

Step 3. Get a new bank card of Sberbank

If you still used the cheapest (electronic) card, we recommend replacing it with a modern bank card Visa Classic or Mastercard Standart level. Card data support the entire set of basic payment transactions, including and payment for goods and services via the Internet.

Step 4. Call the contact center of Sberbank

A call to the Sberbank call center toll-free number 900 will allow you solve the “No data for your authentication” problem. Call the specified number and explain to the specialist the essence arising dysfunction. Usually after that you will be connected to the service “Mobile banking” , и вы сможете осуществлять покупки черезInternet using confirmation SMS.


Call the hotline

Step 5. Connect mobile banking through an ATM Sberbank

You can also activate the mobile banking service in the nearest ATM of Sberbank. Judging by the reviews of the cardholders, this option is not available at every ATM, therefore it costs try a few ATMs.

Do the following:

  • Find the nearest ATM of Sberbank;
  • Insert a card into it and enter the required pin;
  • After authorization, select the option “Connect in the ATM menu mobile banking “;

    Мобильный банкинг

    Mobile banking connection at Sberbank ATM

  • Select the appropriate tariff from the menu and confirm the operation;
  • At the end of the procedure you will receive an SMS with confirmation activated mobile banking services. This will get rid from the error “there is no data for your authentication” in Sberbank.

One-time passwords at Sberbank ATM

Until February 2016, there was also the opportunity to get 20 one-time passwords at the Sberbank ATM, with which confirmation of the required Internet payment was carried out.


Password check

This technique turned out to be rather vulnerable. The fraudster picked up the discarded check with the specified 20 passwords received access to the personal user account, after which he had the opportunity to withdraw money from accounts of such a user 20 times.

Given such a sad practice, Sberbank decided to abandon print password using an ATM. Payment confirmation now It is carried out exclusively via SMS to the client’s phone.

We recommend: CH Debit RUS MOSCOW IDT: 0513 1 – code in Sberbank.


In our article, we looked at what “S Unfortunately, there is no data for your authentication, “and what to do upon receipt of this message. The easiest way to solve the problem is connecting to your card services mobile banking. Such a connection can be made through Sberbank ATM, and by calling a toll-free number Support 900. After making the connection, you will be able to make all necessary purchases on the Internet.

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