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Causes of Dysfunction and Translation

Translated from English, the text of this message sounds like “Sorry, you are not authorized to access this page. “The problem is fixed when a user tries take any action on AliExpress, starting from an attempt following any internal link before using the function search.

The main reason for this dysfunction is a decrease in rights user account for various reasons, as a result of which this account cannot fulfill the standard plan for it action.

If you previously used the “AliExpress” functionality without problems, and now you have this error, then the reasons for this may be as follows:

  • Crash in your browser (rarely);
  • There was a technical or software failure on the server itself “AliExpress”;
  • Your account rights have been artificially lowered the administration of “AliExpress”.

    We deal with the error accessing the desired page on

    We deal with the error accessing the desired page on “Ali”

A possible solution to the problem will be the methods described by me below.

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How to fix “Sorry, you have no authorization to access this page ”

Since the appearance of this problem is usually not user fault, then when it appears erroneous, you can only try the following:

  1. Reload the problem page. Maybe after reboot the problem will disappear;
  2. Try using an alternative browser. In several (albeit small) cases it helped get rid of the error “Sorry, you have no authorization to access this page “;
  3. Wait a while. Often this error is fixed due to various problems with the operation of AliExpress servers. It is recommended that you simply wait a few hours, after which the problem itself may disappear without your participation;
  4. Contact AliExpress Support (for example, using the online chat service on the specified site provided authorization in your account on Ali). In the greatest quantity cases, it was this option that helped.

    Use the online chat feature on the site

    Use the function of online chat on the site “Aliexpress”


An authorization error usually occurs when the account the user’s record has received reduced rights for a number of different reasons. The most effective way to solve this problem is contacting AliExpress technical support with a screenshot of the error and asking to solve the problem. After user-specified issue can be quick resolved.

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