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Let’s analyze existing and user-friendly analogues TeamViewer.

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  • 1 AnyDesk – a popular analogue of TeamViewer
  • 2 ThinVNC – remote connection using a browser
  • 3 Ammyy Admin – remote access without installing the program
  • 4 Splashtop – a business program with extensive functional
  • 5 Chrome Remote Desktop – browser-based counterpart from Google
  • 6 UltraVNC – TeamViewer’s Great Alternative For Users Windows
  • 7 Conclusion

People who previously participated in the development of the AnyDesk program who worked on the creation of TeamViwer. When creating the product was the main goal is proclaimed – improving transmission quality data. The remote connection made by AnyDesk should be faster and more reliable than TeamViwer, and with less lags.

After creating the program, manufacturers said that “AnyDesk” – it is “the world’s fastest TeamViewer alternative.” Now, with connecting to a remote PC and running on the last heavy graphic programs you will not see on the client computer any loss in image quality. Free version of AnyDesk available only for personal use, while professionals and companies will pay money for using the commercial version of the product.

  1. To establish a connection, launch the Teamviewer alternative – AnyDesk on the host (the computer that requires connect) and write down the AnyDesk address.
  2. Then run the program on the client PC, and enter AnyDesk host address.
  3. When connecting a client, the host will be requested for confirmation of connection and issuance of appropriate permissions (sound, working with the clipboard, locking the host keyboard and mouse and etc.).

ThinVNC – remote browser connection

The next alternative to Timiver is the “ThinVNC” program offers a variety of tools for implementation remote access, including screen translation, file transfer, messaging and other features. There is no need for mandatory installation of the client program, since the remote access to the desktop PC can be carried out from any HTML5 enabled web browser. ThinVNC actively uses AJAX and JSON, and therefore can work without additional software or browser plugins. Using “ThinVNC” you can access to your local computer using your smartphone or tablet.

For personal use, “ThinVNC” is decent alternative to TeamViewer. If you want to access your PC, hosted a little further than your local network, you will you need to know about router settings and dynamic providers DNS


ThinVNC Setting

Ammyy Admin – remote access without installing the program

“Ammyy Admin” is a tool for remote connection, which is especially useful in large commercial companies. The program does not require installation, just download and run small executable file, then enter a unique ID the user whose PC you want to connect to (given by program).

The product allows direct data transfer, which useful when accessing a large file system files. The free nature of the program is suitable for remote training and presentations, you can exchange materials or chat via chat.

Splashtop – a business program with extensive functionality

Timveriver’s “Splashtop” program alternative is offered in two main versions – paid and free. In the free case you can use the program only for personal purposes during the first 6 months. Business version of the product – “Splashtop Business” allows you to not only transfer files, but also access local printers, and communicate with other users with using chat. Communication between PCs is encrypted using TSL (TLS-encrypted), characterized by high stability and good speed.

With Splashtop, you can connect to the target computer. not only from another PC, but also using mobile gadgets on Android and iOS. The delay in the audio or video stream is minimal, because you can fully enjoy the media you need with the help of this competitor TeamViewer.

Chrome Remote Desktop – browser-based counterpart from Google

Another Teamviewer equivalent is the Google Chrome extension Remote Desktop “, available for free for the Chrome browser. It’s the extension allows the user to remotely access any desktop directly from the browser window. The program has small size, easy to configure, encrypts all created connections. In addition, by analogy with TeamViewer, you can find specialized implementations for devices based on Android OS and iOS.

As soon as access is allowed, the program “Chrome Remote Desktop Host “will be automatically loaded to implement remote access. After installing it, the system will be ready for remote control. However, the program does not have advanced functionality in the form of screen sharing, chat or video conferencing.


Extension Chrome Dextop Manager

UltraVNC is a great TeamViewer alternative for users Windows

The open source program “UltraVNC” is great an alternative to the “TeamViewer” program for users of the Windows OS, and distributed under the free GPLv2 license. Program consists from the viewer (client) and server (remote PC), and uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) principle based on RFB protocol (Remote Framebuffer). Remote connection which can be built on the basis of these two components, allows file transfer in a simplified way like text transfer messages, as well as the use of various authentication methods (8-digit password DES, MS login I and II, etc.)

Both wedge and server components of the program offer many configuration options to your liking to specialists. Since the signal from the server may appear large by the number of viewers, “UltraVNC” is useful for various symposia and presentations.

When installing the program, the latter will ask which part you Do you want to install – client, server or both. After configuration port of your router, you can connect to the UltraVNC server with any PC or gadget with an Internet connection. All that you need is the IP address of the server PC.


Undoubtedly, the analogues of the program indicated in the article list Teamviewer is not exhausted. There are enough like paid and free alternatives to implement remote connection to another computer However, the specified Tools are Teamviewer’s Distinguished Competitors, and can be considered as an effective alternative to remote access to the desired PC.

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