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We are suspected of improper use of the program

Commercial Use Warning Teamviewer

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  • 1 Crash in Teamviewer
    • 1.1 What is the commercial use Teamviewer
    • 1.2 What you need to do to avoid restrictions
  • 2 How to remove the message about commercial use TeamViewer

TeamViewer Crash

As already mentioned above, TeamViewer issues a warning to the user that after 5 minutes the work will be stopped. At In this we know for sure that we did not use the program in commercial purposes. This problem does not occur for everyone, which is not yet possible. to explain. And our task for today is to help those users who are already Faced with this problem, but not able to resolve it independently, and to whom this program is necessary for further work.

What is the commercial use of TeamViewer

Let’s begin by clarifying what lies behind the wording. “Commercial Use of TeamViewer”. It can be the following situations when we use the program to organize work activities:

  1. We provide support and assistance to our employees and customers.
  2. Connect to a server or computer employer organization from home PC.
  3. We help various organizations and enterprises, even at free of charge.

In these cases, we must acquire a license to use TeamViewer to avoid the consequences of a program stop due to the organization of commercial activity.


5 minutes limit

If we help and support loved ones or connect to your home PC, this is called using programs for personal purposes and does not entail any consequences. Of course, there may be various failures, and below we will talk about how avoid the “5 minute limit”.

What you need to do to avoid restrictions

You need to remember what exactly does not need to be done to avoid restrictions on the use of TeamViewer. It’s about choosing the right one. PC to which we are connected. If we establish a connection with device on which the licensed version is installed TeamViewer, then we can automatically start the program “Suspect” the commercial use of software. In this case, we and “catch” the very “5 minute limit”. But, if we are confident in that we use the application only for solving personal problems, and we do not plan to organize commercial activity, then read below and try to fix it right away a problem.

How to remove a commercial use message TeamViewer

If you can’t avoid the restrictions due to a suspicion of commercial use of TeamViewer, then do the following. The algorithm of actions is simple, but requires a careful approach to do not accidentally delete anything superfluous from the computer and spend everything as correct as possible. So what needs to be done to remove limitation of the use of TeamViewer.

  1. Close the application of the same name.
  2. Open the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing ctrl + alt + delete
  3. We go to the tab “Processes”. Select all the processes that relate to TeamViewer, and end them (click on the button below the screen “Remove task” or End process, or we call the menu through RMB).

    We remove unnecessary tasks

    Stop TeamViewer processes in Task Manager

  4. Now completely remove the program from the computer. Do it or using the built-in tools (section “Programs and components” in the Control Panel), or using special uninstallers, destroying the “tails” of unnecessary software – such like AIDA 64 or Revo Uninstaller.
  5. Right-click on the “Start” button and call the line “Run”. Enter% appdata%. A window appears in which we see the folder TeamViewer, which is also removed.
  6. Call the line “Run” again, but this time we write in her regedit, thereby opening the registry. We carefully review everything branches, find those related to TeamViewer, and delete them.
  7. Open Program Files on drive C and delete it from here. folder of the same name.

Now that we have removed everything related to TeamViewer, change the MAC address by entering any value in the Network Address. After we run the Attribute Changer program and change the date create the Program Files directory. Reboot the computer reinstall the necessary software and proceed to work.

Careful implementation of all actions will allow further without restrictions on using TeamViewer for personal use.

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