The server didn’t respond. Retrying to SA-MP what do


What is this “The server didnt respond. Retrying” error in SAMP?

In Russian, the message “The server didnt respond. Retrying” translates to “Server is not responding. Trying again connection. “Therefore, the error is that SAMP client cannot connect to the game server. She arise can both when connecting to any server, and when entering specific multiplayer game. An error may also occur. described in a previous article

Bug fix

The error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” prevents you from playing SAMP – how to fix it?

Causes of the error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” There are several:

  1. Server is down, full or running mistakes.
  2. Your computer is not connected to the Internet.
  3. Incorrect entries were entered at the server registration data (most games in SAMP require a username and password).
  4. The SAMP program main menu indicated with errors Username.
  5. Router, antivirus, or firewall port is blocked – it is indicated by numbers, going through a colon after the server IP address.
  6. Your IP address is blocked by the server – it may to happen if you enter the game for the first time in life if a dynamic address is used.

First of all, you need to check if the server is working – look in the main SAMP window if there are connected players on it. It is also worth testing the connection with it outside the program, through ping xxx command, where xxx is the IP address of the server. You need to enter it at the Windows command prompt.

If the server is down, nothing can be done. The rest are problems can be fixed independently, incl. and get around the ban – what to do with the error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” in SA-MP?

How to fix “The server didnt respond. Retrying” error in SAMP?

  1. If you have an Internet connection and the SAMP server is responding ping, make sure that with the user data used to enter the game, everything is in order.
  2. In the main menu of the program, in the field above the list of servers the name of the player is indicated – it must be written in Latin letters, without extra characters (only hyphen and lowercase are allowed underline). This is especially important for RP servers on which a name of the form “FirstName_Name” is required.
  3. You also need to check your registration information on a specific project – each of them has its own rules that need to be carefully examine the first time you enter the game.

Common Cause of Error

The player name in SA-MP must be correctly formatted

If the error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” in SA-MP occurs immediately after the launch of GTA, not even allowing to reach registration on the server, then most likely your IP address has come under blocking. There are several ways to fix this:

  1. Reboot the modem or router if the address is dynamic. When you turn on the equipment again, a new computer will be issued an address that may not be banned. Repeat until will be able to connect. Keep in mind that this is temporary decision.
  2. Enable VPN if the address is static. Need to use not browser VPNs, and full-fledged programs. The disadvantage of this method is a sharp drop in connection speed, traffic limitation.
  3. Contact the project administration and ask for unban if you did not violate server rules.

If there is no ban, a firewall can block port 7777. Before connecting to the server, disable the antivirus and firewall; if the error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” disappears, you should unlock the port through the protective settings BY.

The closed port does not allow you to connect to the SAMP server - you can fix this through the firewall settings

You can unlock the server port by creating a rule in the settings windows firewall

Knowing what to do with the error “The server didnt respond. Retrying” in SA-MP, it’s easy to regain access to the GTA SA server. If nothing helps, try going to other projects – there are many in SAMP, and all are more or less the same.

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