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The content of the article:

  • 1 What could be the cause of verification problems certificates
  • 2 What certificates need to be installed
  • 3 What to do to correct the error “Not enough information to verify this certificate ”

What could be causing verification problems certificates

The causes of the problem can be several factors. One of certificate verification errors due to malfunctions CryptoPro. This is a utility that:

  • It is a means of working with certificates;
  • organizes PKI structure;
  • protects confidential data;
  • generates digital signature;
  • performs other actions providing cryptographic protection information sent over the Internet.

The purpose of the crypto provider

What is CryptoPro

If the installed version of CryptoPro does not fit the OS, installed on a PC, then its functioning will also different errors are observed. Another reason for the failure is not enough information for verification of this certificate “happens exactly insufficient information to verify this certificate. Because by mistake of the installers, important information may not load together with the installation of the CryptoPro program.

What certificates need to be installed

In this post I will not touch on the installation topic certificates, I’ll just explain which of them are necessary install on a computer to eliminate “Not enough information to verify this certificate. “You need each of the certificates install chains in the storage, where they should be:

  • in “Trusted Root Centers” – certificate of the Main CA and self-signed (that is, one in which in the fields “Issued By” and “To issued ”the same values ​​are registered);
  • in “Intermediate Certification Authorities” – all remaining certificates
  • in “Personal” – a certificate received by a legal entity in an accredited CA.

What to do to fix the error “Not enough information for verification of this certificate ”

First you need to check if the installation is done on the computer all certificates without exception.

  1. To do this, find the CryptoPro program in the “Start” button.
  2. Go to the section “Certificates” → ”Current user”.
  3. Then go the path “Trusted Root Centers certification ”→” Register ”→” Certificates ”.

Many users report that they previously had a root certificate a document with the name UTs or UTs 1 IS GUTs. In this case, everything worked without failures. But now the situation has changed a bit. If you need a certificate released before April 15, 2016, then during the audit is not errors should occur (in the absence of technical problems parties in CryptoPro or on the computer).

If you received your certificate after the above date, then malfunctions may occur. To eliminate them from the official legal online portal informationhttp: // need download and install the root certificates of the GUT (which advocated by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation). They and will lead the chain of your certificates.


Certificate chain

As noted by users who have encountered this problem, the described option really helped with the solution of the flawed error certificate verification information. On the above portal also Root information and certificate revocation lists posted (along with download links). When you click on the ones you need The data file will immediately start downloading to the computer.

Another reason for the lack of information to verify this certificate may be a mismatch in the work of CryptoPro and operating system installed on the user PC. At updating or reinstalling CryptoPro use only licensed version. If you have purchased a license and a certificate still does not pass the test, try the following:

  • reinstall the personal certificate;
  • delete and install the root certificate;
  • Recheck the document.

The result is not achieved and the error continues to pop up? Reinstall the CryptoPro application. Maybe last time installation was not performed correctly, which was the reason problems verifying certificates. An important role is played by the human factor, because the installers of CryptoPro and certificates may be mistaken or inattentive, as a result of which There will be various problems when checking.

I hope the information provided is helpful to you, because even the one who says “Strange, I’m all right, everything functions ”, is not immune from errors of various kinds.

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