Translator from English to Russian through the camera


Choosing the best translator from English to Russian through mobile phone camera

There are only a few companies in the world today, specializing in machine translation. Easy translate one word, but with the correct translation Many programs often have problems. Large corporations like Google and Microsoft spend annually millions of dollars in machine research translation, wanting to improve artificial intelligence and Get higher level results.

Transfer from camera to phone

Leading companies are constantly working to improve quality. visual translation

Several mobile apps are now available to users. allowing you to translate from one language to another directly through smartphone. We will talk about the best of them below.

Google Translate – help you convert text from English into Russian

Google Translator (Android, iOS) – today is one of the best solutions for translating from English into Russian through the camera. The application recognizes and translates more than 100 languages, has standalone language packs that allow you to recognize the right captions through the camera without a mandatory internet connection.

Google translator

Google Translator – a great choice for translating

The features of this translator are as follows:

  • Translates from language to language without connecting to a network;
  • Working with an input camera is available for Android OS version 2.3 and higher;
  • Allows you to save the desired translation for quick offline access;
  • Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to making a transfer.

    Artificial Intelligence

    When working with Google Translator, algorithms are used artificial intelligence

Google translator via smartphone works by pressing a button with the image of the camera.


Tap on the camera icon

It remains to bring the phone to the desired phrase, and you will see it automatic translation on screen.

Text for translation

Translate the text you need

If necessary, you can take a screenshot and save it for other tasks.

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Microsoft Translator – a convenient translator through the camera

“Microsoft Translator” (Android, iOS) – a good alternative google product It has high quality translation, stand-alone base, performs text recognition, and can be recommended as a good option for transforming text from English to Russian through the camera.


Microsoft translator is a great alternative to the product from Google

The program performs:

  1. Translation into more than sixty languages;
  2. Real-time translation with several people;
  3. Languages ​​available for download when working offline mode;
  4. View available phrasebooks for translation;
  5. Search for an alternative translation and other meanings of the word;
  6. Ability to share translation with other applications.


    “Microsoft Translator” provides quality translation in live mode

To complete the transfer, it remains to click on the camera icon, and bring the phone to the inscription in English or any other language.


To broadcast, click on the camera icon

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Baidu Translate – easily transforms text into Russian

The Baidu Translate application (Android, iOS) translates into sixteen popular languages. The program offers its users five million powerful dictionaries in mode real time for voice translation and translation through the camera.

The functionality of the application is as follows:

Opportunities: Features:
High-quality translation into several languages Compared to peers, it provides better translation, offering the service and Text to Speech.
Transferring a conversation With this application you can freely communicate with foreigners in real time. Voice input supported on English, French, Chinese, and other languages.
Offline translation Ability to download language packs.
Quality Dictionaries Baidu Translate includes many reputable dictionaries with one hundred thousand local records and five million cloud records.

Baidu Translator

Baidu translator is a good alternative for visual translation

For the application to work in recognition mode, press on the camera icon. The functionality of the service in the translation is not different from analog programs.


We have figured out which translator from English to Russian through a mobile camera is worth using, and how with it work. Each of the options we have has a good translation quality, and can be recommended as worthy a choice.

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