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Learn more about the Uber Start mobile app.

The history of the Uber Start mobile application began back in 2008 year. Two French entrepreneurs decided to create a special applications for calling a taxi, after they could not catch car in bad weather. It works with an online map of the area, where the user is located. With its help you can see cars participating in this system. To call one of the taxis to map, the user only needs to click on the button. The taxi driver will see call and location of the client and will arrive at the indicated point.

Uber has a grading system. Taxi with constantly a falling rating is removed from the application by the system. You can choose another taxi even when you have already pressed the button. If the client is in a hurry, you can select the nearest taxi on the map and call him up. The page also displays the real photo. taxi driver and his car. After you took advantage taxi, you can rate your driver and his services. Is he, in turn, can also supply you, as a client, with your rating.


Uber Mobile App

Another important and user-friendly feature is a fully transparent taxi payment scheme. You can find out how much you will have to pay for the trip even before you get in the car. Pay cash no opportunities. You can pay using a credit card, tied to the application. Determine the final cost of the whole trips can be by entering the data of the segment that you want to drive. Then you need to select the item “Estimate the cost.”

What is this Uber Start package?

Initially, in the application it was possible to order a taxi only executive class. But later a new Uber plan was developed Start According to it, users will be able to order an economy class taxi. In this regard, you can order the following car brands: Chevrolet Lacetti, Renault Logan, Lada and others. Such trips priced on average 20% cheaper than UberX.

Requirements for drivers remain the same. They must have seniority appropriate for a taxi driver, all driver’s documents (in including a car). According to unofficial data or even rumors, Uber owners prepared this plan with the expectation that it will order a taxi with a low rating. Thus, the drivers there will be a chance to pick it up. But the developers deny these rumors. They are claim to not restore drivers who were excluded from the system at a low rating.

The first city of Russia in which the Uber taxi package was launched Start became Moscow. The owners of the service said that this service allow you to experience a taxi service to a wider circle users.

What is the difference between UberX and Uber Start packages

The difference between the two Uber Start and UberX packages is First of all, in cars that may arrive at your call. Users who already booked Uber Start taxis argue that often car brands are budget. In this The category includes Chinese brands of budget cars. Package itself is the cheapest way from point A to point B in Uber service.

Taxis at UberX are predominantly new cars with clean and new salon. Drivers have a good rating. Trip prices approximately the following: landing – 50 rubles, in one minute Directions – 18 rubles. These rates are subject to change. from the city, weather conditions and other factors.


UberX Service Tariff

Uber Points

Many taxi applications have a rating system. So in Uber application, each passenger and driver can choose a rating from five stars. To specify a rating, you can use yourself application or email that you linked to application. This system helps not only the drivers themselves and customers, but also Uber itself, to determine the quality the services they provide. You can add any to this rating. criteria: does the passenger like the trip itself, was it convenient to taxi cab, did you like the music, is the person pleasant – the driver and other.

There are a large number of Uber taxi drivers on the Internet instructions on how to raise your rating in the application. Most the main advice is not to ask passengers to deliver highly appreciated. First of all, you need to help the client in every way, so that he can appreciate it. For example, offer yourself place his luggage.

Despite these tips, many taxi drivers at Uber stick to another opinion. They say that now orders are given practically almost no rating for all drivers with any rating and earnings affects. This primarily concerns the Uber Start package.

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