Unable to establish a secure connection in Yandex browser


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  • 1 What is the cause of the error – “Unable to establish safe compound”?
  • 2 Methods to resolve the error: “Cannot install safe compound”
  • 3 add-ons that may block the site
  • 4 Cookies and Yandex.Browser version

What is the cause of the error – “Unable to establish safe compound”?

There are several reasons for the appearance of this error in the Yandex browser.

  1. There may be a problem with SSL certificates, sites are required provide them to the browser. But for some reason this is not occurs or certificates are ignored by the browser.
  2. Yandex.Browser checks the connection chain, if on the line there is a DNS node that can be checked for some reason impossible, then the connection will be blocked. Same happens if a VPN connection is used or proxy server.
  3. Connection will be reset if your browser goes down to a resource without an https certificate, where it is required to enter personal data user.

    Secure https connection

    Secure https connection

Remedy “Unable to set safe compound”

Configure https / ssl certificates for access to a blocked website.

  1. Open the Yandex.Browser settings.
  2. Next, open the “Advanced” at the very bottom of the page.
  3. In the list we find https / ssl. All certificates will be here. which are available on your pc. They can also be customized.
  4. You need to uncheck the main points: certificate server authentication, uncheck the box below “Trusted DNS server.”
  5. These actions need to be applied to all sections: others users, personal, etc.

It is worth noting that by unchecking these items, you expose your computer to danger, so this must be done in extreme cases, if you really have access to a certain site necessary.

Add-ons that may block the site

The latest versions of Yandex browser have add-ons that built in by default. Surely you heard about them: Adgrard, Antishock, Protect. If an error occurs – “cannot be installed secure connection “these add-ons must be disabled. And also turn off the anti-virus software for a short time.

Yandex browser add-ons

Yandex browser add-ons

The browser add-ons store consists of software software that anyone can develop, more or less Programming user. Draw your own conclusions. Than the more such add-ons are installed in the browser, the greater the likelihood that his work will be unstable. Open add-ons on your browser and delete whatever you find superfluous. This will speed up and improve overall browser performance.

Cookies and Yandex.Browser version

If the resource to which access is denied by an error is important to you “Unable to establish a secure connection”, then you can take advantage of earlier versions of the browser from Yandex. Download and install an earlier version. Even if it appears connection failure message, then this message can be easily close and then go to the desired site without any blockages.

New version of Yandex.Browser

New version of Yandex.Browser

Another reason is the cookie container. Sometimes it is necessary to clean them, otherwise different kind of error in the browser.

  1. You can do this in the settings, go to your browser history and Click “Clear.”
  2. Below the “Clear History” item are 5 lines with settings, check the first 4 – this will reduce the likelihood of new errors in the browser.

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