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VK Live is an application from the social network Vkontakte, which allows you to watch live broadcasts of other users, as well as enter live broadcast yourself. In September 2016, VKontakte launched a beta test of the streaming platform to broadcast games Online. VK live broadcast Now broadcast from anywhere everyone can tell about themselves and their lives. It was introduced the VK Live app for mobile devices, you can already download it from the App Store and Play Market absolutely free.

Download VK Live for Android at the link

Vk Live application

How to make an online broadcast vkontakte

Broadcasts are a new way to talk about yourself and share moments from your life live with your friends and by subscribers. You can stream a video in application VK Live, on your page or the VKontakte community. Share the world around you, tell about yourself about those places where you are, for example: home, work, party, sporting events and so on.

To start your own broadcast, run application and in the lower right corner click on the camera icon, write on the name of the broadcast and start the live broadcast. how to watch broadcasts in VK

How to watch broadcasts on Vkontakte

Now you can follow the life of your favorite actors and musicians and other stars of show business. When your friend or idol will be create a live broadcast You will receive a notification on your phone. On the the main page of the VK Live application, you can see the list of active broadcasts and find something new and interesting.

watch live broadcasts of VK

Chat live

You can also chat in the app in the comments, send stickers and hearts. If you like the broadcast let me know about this to her author. Do you have the opportunity to ask a question live in the comments and get an answer to it already from the author in direct broadcasts.

Earn Live VK Live Broadcasts

In the VK Live application, you can earn on your broadcasts, receiving gifts from users on the air.

You can download and install the application for both iOS and Android Detailed information about the application and its updates can be receive in the official communityvk.com / vklive_app.

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