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Most internet users have their own pages in social networks. The most popular social network in the CIS is Vkontakte, and everyone who has their own page in it knows how fast drop in on her. We’ll figure out what to do for users who I’m having trouble logging in to my Vkontakte page. Page The entry is very clear and simple, ad-free and free.

login to the site

We will consider all the available ways to enter Vkontakte:

  1. Vkontakte login to my page from a computer (full version)
  2. Vk mobile version, phone inputs
  3. Login to the VKontakte application
  4. How to find out who came into my profile except me

Vkontakte login to the page from a computer

The very first thing you should do is go to the VK site by https://vk.com The design has been updated and now at the entrance You will see the new version of Vkontakte.

contact login page

Go only to the correct address of the site that was specified above, on other sites do not enter your account information, in in another case, your page may be hacked and you will have to restore password.

When you go to the VK login page, look at authorization fields in the upper right – “Phone or email” and “Password”, this is the form for entering your page. In the field “Phone or email” enter your username which was indicated during registration. Previously, login could be any word in Cyrillic or Latin, however, in connection with by strengthening protection, a more reliable option was chosen in the form of mobile phone. Remember that an input without a password and login impossible if there was no authorization from your browser and save password. Logging in to Instagram is also not possible.

After entering the login, click the “Login” button, it will happen authorization and you will be taken to your news feed. If you log in to VK do not failed, try again carefully checking the entered data. In case of repeated failure, click on “Forgot password” and go through a simple recovery procedure.

You can also use VKontkte applications which show all the people who came to your page, more read: how to see the guests of my Vkontakte page is free.

Vkontakte mobile version login

The login and authorization of Vkontakte from the mobile device is the same unless there will be differences in design. Mobile Address version https: //m.vk.com. Now the main login page The mobile version looks like this:

VKontakte login mobile version

From the computer and tablet, the login page for the mobile version of VK looks like:

vk input from the tablet

Login to the VKontakte application

And this is the login form of the official VK application:

login vk through the application

Using the application you don’t have to enter the browser, just install, run and log in.

How to find out who came into my profile except me

Go to the “Settings” tab “Security.” Click on “Show History activity “:

contact login history

In a new window, all inputs from different devices for Lately:

vk activity history

The activity history will show you which devices have visited Your Vkontakte page. If you notice a device from which you are not came in click “End all sessions.” In practice, this means that everyone who logged into your account will be ejected from it, and Without knowing the login with a password, logging in again will be impossible. By the end of all sessions, the inscription will read the following: “All Sessions other than the current one have ended. ”

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