Vkontakte stickers where to get the sets?


In the social network Vkontakte there are stickers that were launched in 2014, what is it: – these are graphic images, allowing you to express your emotions and convey your mood. Logical continuation of smiles, but with a more colorful implementation. Similar examples have long been in many instant messengers and have a large popularity among users. Outside of private messages, they will not be used. How to get sets of stickers and how to get them to send? Vkontakte stickers get free Easier to say it pictures that can be sent in a message, they are very similar to emoticons, but larger, more beautiful and different. Stickers use in Facebook and some instant messengers. At the moment there are more than 10 free sets, and many paid ones that are replenished regularly.

Vkontakte stickers get where for free

How to buy VK sticker sets?

You can buy in a special store, there you can add yourself free sets. In applications for phones and tablets they are bought through “in-app purchases.” You can pay by credit card, via SMS and other methods, as well as by voice – domestic currency. Wherever you buy, they will be available for you and on the site, and in all applications, they remain to you forever and ever.

cool VK stickers for free

Where can I get free stickers for VK?

As mentioned above, there is a sticker store where you can free take some sets. But what if there are none that you like? There are sites with snapshots of free sticker pictures (usually some kind of character). If you just copy address of the desired picture and paste the message, This picture will be inserted. After that, the address can be simply delete, so that only one picture remains, it remains only to send her interlocutor.

stickers for vk download

How to attach a sticker to a message?

They can insert decent messages – for this There is a button with a symlink around where you write a message. You can write something and add a picture, expressing your feelings. Can send one without any text, if you read that they understand you so.

How to give a friend a set of stickers?

  1. Open your messages Vkontakte and enter the dialogue the person you want to give the kit to.
  2. Where you write messages, there is a button with a symlink, click here.
  3. A window pops up, in the corner of which there will be a button “Shop stickers “, click below.
  4. Select a set and press the “Present” button next to with him.
  5. Pay for the set, and the gift is made!

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