Vkontakte voice messages – how them to send?


On a social network, users can send voice Messages to friends in personal correspondence. It is very convenient if you like chat live, no way to write a text message and can save your time.

voice messages in vk

How to send a voice message to Vkontakte?

Many people use this feature through the iMessage app. WhatsApp, Viber and others. Record and send social record network both through a computer and through a phone on iOS and Android.

How to record a voice message in VK?

  1. If you use the application on your phone or tablet, must be the latest version of the application.
  2. To record a message, go to a conversation with your другом и внизу будет маленькая иконкамикрофона:voice messages vkКогда через браузер на компьютере Выfirst click on this icon, you should allow access to the site to the microphone.
  3. By clicking on the icon, the recording of the voice message will begin, in application for phones should hold the button while you record a message. Recording will continue until пока не нажмете на стоп, на смартфоне не отпустите палец.voice message recording vkУдалить запись на компьютереyou can click the cross next to the entry, on the phone swipe finger left while recording.

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