Vkontakte, you can delete your messages from interlocutor


The social network Vkontakte introduced a new feature, an opportunity delete your messages from the dialogue and conversation with another person. Earlier it was possible to delete the correspondence only at home, and at the interlocutor all messages remained.

delete your message from a friend

To delete a message, select it, click on button with the basket and select “Delete for all”.

It’s important to know:

  • The system automatically remembers the selected item, and the next time no need to check.
  • You can delete a message from the interlocutor within 24 hours after how it is sent.
  • Forwarded messages and copies of it fail.
  • The message that was deleted is not fixed anywhere, just disappears from the chat with both interlocutors.

The picture below details how to delete the sent item. message from others:

how to delete a VK message from the interlocutor

So far, this feature works and is available in full version. Vkontakte, messenger and m.vk.com. Delete and Erase message is possible within 24 hours after departure.

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