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How to reduce lags in Vormax.io

The lag issue in Wormax.io is one of the most important. Delays in gameplay, unexpected slowdowns and sudden jumps in displaying images annoying many users. How so prevent this? I recommend the following:

  • Disable your antivirus during the game. Antivirus programs consume processor and memory resources, and their temporary shutdown can make wormix.io gameplay more smooth;
  • Play Wormix.io in incognito mode of your browser. This mode can reduce the use of old data, also in this mode your browser does not save your web history. To activate incognito mode, press the buttons “CTRL + SHIFT + N”, or search for the appropriate a combination for your browser;
  • Disable or remove the VPN extension for your browser. If you use a similar extension (e.g. “ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN”), go to setup extensions of your browser, and disable (delete) this expansion;

    Remove your browser’s VPN extensions

    Remove your browser’s VPN extensions

  • Use high priority for your browser in Task manager. Go to Task Manager (click on start button, enter taskmgr in the search bar and press enter). In tab processes to find your browser, for example, chrome.exe, hover the cursor on it and right-click. In the menu that appears select the option “Priority” and set its indicator to “High”;

    Set high priority for your browser

    Set high priority for your browser.

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. TO For example, in Firefox, this is done by going to “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Delete your recent history”;
  • If you use a different browser than Chrome or Firefox, try choosing one of these browsers, they show the highest speed in work (the best results with Wormich.io showed Google Chrome);

    Use the browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for comfortable working with Wormax.io

    Use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers to comfortable working with Wormax.io

  • Engage Google Experimental Features Chrome Launch this browser in the address bar type chrome: // flags / and press enter.

In the list of flags that opens, find the following options and use them:

  1. Experimental Canvas Functions – Enable
  2. Hardware Rasterization – Forced inclusion for all layers
  3. Number of bitmap streams – 4

After making these changes, restart your Chrome.

  • Disable unnecessary services on your PC (for experienced users). Click on the “Start” button in the search bar type msconfig and hit enter. Go to the Services tab, and check the box next to the option “Do not display services Microsoft. “From the remaining services, uncheck the boxes next to unnecessary services and restart your PC. If you do not feel sufficient competence to carry out these actions, then it’s better to leave it as it is;

    Check the box next to the option

    Check the box next to “Do not display services Microsoft ”

  • Get a good graphics card for your PC. If you are a desktop user, then change the graphics card to a more powerful one will help reduce lags in wormax.io.

How to remove ads in Wormix.io

To get rid of ads in Wormix.io I recommend installing Adblock extension for your browser Plus, blocking various types of online advertising. For To install this extension, go to adblockplus.org, and click on the green button “Install for (your name browser). ”

After installation, go to the game’s website wormix.io, usually an advertisement after installation Adblock will be blocked.


To play Wormix.io without lags and without ads I recommend Take advantage of the tips listed by me above. Effectively Adblock extension functionality will help you block ads reducing the number of lags can be achieved using implementation of a whole complex of the above methods. Try everything the above – and the pleasure of the gameplay Wormax.io will increase for you many times.

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