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  • 1 How parcels are tracked through Russian Post
  • 2 What does the status “Waiting for the addressee at the place of delivery” mean?
  • 3 What if the package is missing?

How parcels are tracked through Russian Post

In order to track your parcel by Russian Post, you you need to get the track number that is provided upon purchase goods, if it is online shopping. If you send a parcel, then the track number can be found on the check that will be issued to you.

Track number on the check

Check when sending the parcel

The number consists of 14 digits, it is entered without any signs, spaces or brackets. The international number has 13 digits, but here Latin letters in uppercase are already used.

When you have this number, go to the official website mail at https://www.pochta.ru/ and click on the link Track on the right in the block. In the new window, enter the track number in string. If you want to track several packages, then the line supports more than one number, they must be entered through space.

What does the status “Waiting for a destination at the place of delivery” mean?

When you find out the status “Waiting for the recipient at the place of delivery”, you can go to the post office with your passport with you.

Awaiting destination at place of delivery

Parcel statuses on the website Russian Post

But before you go to the post office, you should check in which branch your package arrived. Sometimes happen situations in which the notice appeared, but there was no parcel to the address. This happens when your parcel arrives at another postal office op error. Therefore, when entering the recipient address data you need to enter not only the mailing address, but also the location on the map, operating mode, etc.

As soon as you see the status on the site about waiting for the recipient, you can feel free to go to the address that you indicated on the site. Check also your mailbox, maybe it contains a paper notice of the parcel, you must also take it with you.

Read also about the status: Arrived at the distribution center at the place of delivery.

What to do if the package is missing?

If the package did not arrive, the first thing to do is check the status by track number. If the information has not been updated for a long time, There is no information at all, there is no parcel yet, and the deadline for receipt has expired – need to create a shipment search. To do this, go to https://www.pochta.ru/claim link, select one of the ones that suits you topics and make a statement. Or provide at the post office Russian Post:

  • a check that was issued upon departure, you can make a copy of it (if you are the sender);
  • copy of the application for the search for parcels international or Russia;
  • documents proving your identity.

You can apply to the post office within six months from the date of shipment. The application is entitled submit both the sender and the recipient. If there are appropriate documents, then the trustee of the recipient may also submit sender. Persons are informed of the results of the investigation as by registered letter or by electronic letter to the address specified during registration on the website of the Russian Post.

If the search for the missing package or letter of the client did not give any results, although the status on the site is “Waiting for the recipient in the place receipt, “then the mail staff will pay compensation. The first person entitled to compensation is sender. He also has the right not to refund to the recipient or trustee.

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