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  • 1 Passage of the game “Call of Duty: World War II”
    • 1.1 Level 1. “Day of disembarkation”
    • 1.2 Level 2. “Operation cobra”
    • 1.3 Level 3. Need to pass the “Citadel”
  • 2 Conclusion

Passage of the game “Call of Duty: World War II”

Let’s look at the process of passing basic game levels. But first you need to find out how many missions in Call of Duty: WWII.

Level 1. Landing Day

You begin the passage of Call of Duty: WWII as a private Daniels, who is to take part in the implementation Operation Overlord associated with the Allied landings in Normandy 6 June 1944

The gameplay begins with the landing of infantry on the coast Normandy. Your boat is being fired, you are crossing the edge boats, and fall into the water. Rise and run forward along the way pick up “Bangalore” (an extended subversive charge to create passages in barriers). Then you go to the fence guided by a white arrow pointer on the screen. When do we get to the desired point – we explode Bangalore, thereby clearing the way for our infantry, and run on.

Allied Landing on the Normandy Coast

Allied landing on the Normandy coast in Call of Duty: WWII ”

The next goal is to climb the rocks. Run to the dugout, then go through the trenches, killing the meeting Germans.

Get to the point where you get an order from Turner along with Zussman to clear the bins in front (it will be necessary to clear 5 bins). Throw a grenade at the first bunker, killing those there Germans, then go ahead, killing everyone on the way enemies.

Reach the second bunker, throw a smoke grenade in there, go inside and clear the territory from the enemy. Move on not forgetting in time to ask the doctor for first-aid kits for recovery health.

After stripping four bunkers, we receive an order from Pearson clean the last bunker with Zussman, after which it will be necessary gather at the top of the cliff.

We open the door to the last bunker, and go inside. At the entrance a German suddenly attacks us in one of the bunker’s rooms, and we enter into melee with him (press “F” to fight back from him). The German stabs Zussmann, then you need to quickly get into the mouse with center of the circle and press “F” to prevent the German from stabbing us with a knife. Then you need to re-enter the center of the circle with the mouse, after which roll the mouse wheel down – you take a helmet and hit her German on the head.

After killing another German, you get a new goal – to save Zussman, delivering him to the point of collection of the wounded, located from you in 45 meters Pull Zussman along, killing the Germans with a gun. After you drag Zussman to the medical station, leave your friend there.

After that you get a new goal of passing Ira Call of Duty: WWII – destroy artillery (GPF gun located near farmhouse).

When shooting, wisely use the terrain to hide from enemy fire

When shooting, correctly use the terrain to shelter from enemy fire

You go there with Turner and his squad. On the way you get a new the goal is to heal and defend the position. After a successful defense will be you must go up to the farmhouse, where the machine gun is located. Make your way there, then use a machine gun, with which destroy the advancing fascists. After successful you will see the tanks supporting you, the Germans will retreat. Go down and destroy the cannon below, going up to it and holding the “F” button.

After the destruction of the guns you will have a new goal – “Reunite with the platoon.” We go forward and communicate with Zussman. The first level is completed.

Level 2. “Operation Cobra”

The operation began on July 25, 1944, its goal is to break out of Normandy to capture Morigny, gain control of the roads, and subsequently go to Paris.

We approach the tank, click on the “F” and sit on it. On the way to the column shell enemy planes. We jump from the tank, after which we get the goal to approach Turner, and then go to the anti-aircraft guns and shoot down enemy “things” (the so-called German planes “Junkers Yu-87”). Go ahead and destroy the machine gunners on the second floor of the house, ammunition during the battle can be obtained from Turner (we approach it, and press “N”). At the top we pick up a machine gun, with it with help we fire at the enemy and put him to flight. We make our way to the anti-aircraft gun, sit down for it by pressing to “F” and destroy enemy planes in Call of Duty: WWII.

Use anti-aircraft guns to destroy enemy aircraft

Use anti-aircraft guns to destroy enemy planes

Then we get the task with Pires and Zussman to crush the enemy “packs” – German anti-tank artillery (the goal is to “take advantageous position “). Upon finding enemy artillery, you get a task destroy the German gunners. Run forward and destroy Germans. After cleaning the territory, your tanks will go further.

Then you get another task – to approach one of Allied tanks, and under his cover to break forward. Hiding behind attack enemy positions with a tank and destroy defenders enemies.

Hiding behind the tank kill the enemies encountered

Hiding behind the tank, kill the meeting enemies

After that, you will need to take a position at the top for sniper shooting. Break through to the house with a fight, throw inside grenade, and go into the house, destroying enemies. After you you get to the top, you will need to take a sniper gun, and destroy three artillery calculations (shoot ammunition near “Packs”, after which “Packs” will explode).

Then join the tanks, and begin clearing the trenches. After after stripping, we go to Turner, where we receive an order to help the company Charley. We sit in jeeps and go to meet with Charlie’s company. During the road will need to sit behind a machine gun, and fire at cars enemy, as well as destroy the Nazis encountered along the way. Killing everyone Germans along the way, you free Charlie’s company, and finish this level.

Free Charlie's Surrounded Company

Free Charlie’s Surrounded Company

Level 3. Need to pass the “Citadel”

The operation begins July 26, 1944, and is to capture church (fortified point of the enemy). Point the signal grenade c smoke green target for mortar fire. Break forward but be careful as you will be regularly attacked from the left flank when passing Call of Duty: WWII. Drag the wounded in shelter, then defend the area from the advancing fascists. Get to before the APC, get inside, sit behind the machine gun, and kill the attackers opponents.

Then go to Pearson, from whom you will receive the task. clean out the church. Open the door to the church, and destroy the enemies on first and second floors. Then open the following doors, after which You will get the goal to climb the bell tower. Go up church, and defend Zussmann by killing advancing enemies with sniper rifle (infantry, infantry on armored personnel carriers, snipers from roofs). After destroying all the targets, you will receive an order to leave the church. Run faster, along the way again you have to work with the mouse and buttons keyboards to avoid debris falling on you.

Once you leave the church you will receive the goal of protecting city ​​square. Destroy the advancing enemies, throwing along the way smoke grenade with red smoke to indicate a target. After that, as you will see the air strike of your aircraft, level in Call of Duty will be passed.


In this material I described the passage of basic levels Call of Duty: WWII The gameplay of the game is quite simple, does not the player’s tasks are too complicated, because a little with practice, you can go through the whole game. Walk on the initial difficulty levels will take you about 5 hours, because show desire and patience, and you will succeed. Good luck.

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