What do emoticons mean in VK – Decryption


What do emoji and emoticons mean on VK social network and why are they needed?

The standard set of emoticons Emoji appeared in the functional Vkontakte on August 22, 2012. The then owner of the VK network Pavel Durov, seeing the growing popularity of faces in the functionality of the iPhone, decided introduce them into the social network he develops. Necessity the introduction of smiles was explained not only by following the innovations, but and the desire to colorize the grayness of literal communication on the network, to give him brightness, color and contrast.


Vkontakte launched the smiley functionality in August 2012

Over the years, these icons have become a popular and massive trend. Now their can be found not only in VKontakte functionality, but also in others social networks, instant messengers, forums and other forms of digital communication.

Now in VK there are about 9 groups of smileys available (detailed the decryption of which we will give a little lower). They are about the following:

Groups: Description:
Emotions Usually marked as round smiles, reflecting various types of emotional reactions, from positive to negative.
Gestures and people Various hand gestures, figures of people, many faces in face
Characters This section presents various types of hearts, others signs and symbols.
Animals and plants In addition to various images of animals and plants in this the category in VK included images of stars, clouds, rainbows, snow and other natural phenomena.
Food and drink Here are images of everything edible in the form of vegetables and fruits, drinks, sweets and so on.
Sports and Activities Here you will see balls, figures of athletes with various shells, award medals and other analogues.
Travel and transportation This subsection depicts various modes of transport, geographical attractions and more.
Items Various household items are presented, including clothing, tools, telephones, cameras, radios, tape recorders and another.
Flags Here in Vkontakte you will find flags of various countries of the world.

To insert the desired emoticon in the message, go to post comment form (private message form etc.) and click on the image on the right. A list opens pictures. Using the wheel, find the desired smiley, and click on mouse pointer over it. It will be added to the message line, which You can send to the recipient.

It’s good to know what the parentheses in the messages mean.

Detailed decoding of smiles in VKontakte

Let’s look at the list of Vkontakte emojis, and also give them detailed decryption. Please note that over time, the list of smiles in social network is changing. Some emotions are added, while others conversely, may be removed from the list. If you did not find the right one emoticon in our list, then use a similar one analogue.

So, what is contained in the popular sections:

  • Classic smiles with a list of emotions;

    Emoticons VK

    Emoticons with a list of emotions VK

  • Pictures in Vkontakte with a list of gestures, numbers and more;

    Emoticons VK

    VK gesture gestures

  • Emoticons with a list of characters;

    VK Symbols

    VK character emoticons

  • Images of animals and plants;

    Emoticons animals VK

    Animals and plants in the form of VK emoticons

Emoticons of animals and plants VK

Emoticons of animals and plants VK

  • Smiles with food and drinks for VK;

    Smiley food and drink

    Emoticons of food and drinks VK

  • Emoji of sports, buildings and more;

    Sports, buildings and more

    Sports, buildings and more in the form of VK emoticons

  • Transport, travel pictures and other;

    Vk Travel Transport

    Emoticons of transport and travel in VK

  • Smiley items for Vkontakte;

    Item smiles

    VK emoticons

  • Flags of different countries for VK;


    Flag smiles in VK

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In our material, we examined the transcript, what exactly mean different emoticons in the social network VK. And also when they appeared, and how to use them. If you want to make your dialogue VKontakte more lively and interesting, then use emoji. Иcolor the everydayness of your online communication with fresh bright paints.

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