What is this Bit.ly site?


What is Bit.ly?

Bit.ly is one of the first services on the Internet, which began to perform one simple function – shortening links. Some time ago it was even used by the same Twitter, which to shorten the links sent them to BitLy and used the result obtained.

Bit.ly Homepage

Bit.ly Home

How to use Bitly.com

We learned what kind of site Bit.ly is, now we will analyze the use service. Using the service is extremely simple. To shorten link required:

  1. Go to the Bit.Ly website;
  2. On the main page of the resource, find a wide input field text that already says “Paste a link to shorten it”;
  3. Paste the link into it (including all prefixes, for example, http: // www.);
  4. Click on the Shorten button;
  5. Wait a second.
  6. After a moment, a short link will be generated by the service. It will appear immediately below the text box. It can be distinguished, but then copy, or do it easier – click on the button Copy

An example of a short link received on Bit.Ly

An example of a short link received on Bit.Ly

In this case, apparently, the service does not generate every time a new link if the address has already been shortened. Perhaps it due to the fact that links are created by a special algorithm that takes into account the characters in the link, however, most likely, it just remembers that someone has already created a similar link and not generates a short link again, but simply gives an already ready address.

Shortening links is not the only function of this service. On the it implements another opportunity that causes even greater interest. BitLy service allows you to view conversion statistics by links.

Referring statistics for a link generated on Bit.Ly

Referral statistics for the link generated on Bit.Ly

This function will be very useful, for example, to those who is engaged in the promotion of sites or some products on the Internet. You can generate as many links as you like, scatter them in different sites (forums, blogs, social networks, etc.), and then track: where and how much traffic comes from. Conveniently for those who do not have access to the metrics and analytics of the resource. In a similar way, for example, you can publish links to affiliate programs.

To see the statistics, just specify in already the text box above on the main page resource, the address of the page of the site for which it was previously generated short link. After clicking on Shorten, the short address will appear. links, and to the right of it is an icon with a graph. By clicking on her statistics will open.

If there are many links, then you can register on the site and Track statistics through the control panel. Link to registration is on every page of the Bit.Ly site – it is located in top right and called “Sing Up”. I hope you understand that it is Bit.Ly and if necessary you will use the most A popular shortening service for links.

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