What is TTL and how to change it


What is TTL?

TTL stands for Time To Live. life “), and usually this term refers to time network packet life. In the popular IPv4 network protocol TTL value indicates the maximum number of transitions (hop), that a given network packet can make from one network point to another one.

With each such transition, the amount of TTL decreases per unit. When the TTL value becomes zero, then the router, received this packet, sends it back to the initial host with Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). Upon receiving such a message, the initial host will usually have to forward this package.

The goal of TTL is to prevent the infinite looping packages undelivered to the right place, which leads to network congestion and failures in its operation.

The baseline TTL value can be set between 1 and 255 . Usually in Windows, this is the default amount is 128 units, and on mobile devices (Android and iOS) – 64 units.

In communication between a single sender and a plurality recipients (multicast) TTL parameter control the framework in which a packet may be forwarded.

Value Description
0 limited to the same host
1 limited to the same subnet
32 limited to the same site
64 limited to the same region
128 limited to the same continent
255 unlimited

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How the mobile operator learns about connecting others devices

The mobile operator constantly reads the TTL value coming from subscriber. If others are connected to the Internet distribution phone devices, then the value of the indicator for the distributor and the connected devices will be different. The operator fixes this discrepancy, and imposes a fine on the subscriber (additional payment).

TTL device mismatch

TTL mismatch of connected devices looks approximately So

To prevent this, you must install one and the same the same value as the distributing device and those connected to it devices.

Change TTL on PC

Let’s figure out how to change the lifetime of a data packet on a PC and mobile gadgets.

So that the mobile operator does not detect a change in TTL, it is necessary to connected to a mobile device PC set its value greater per unit. For example, since your distributing smartphone has value of 64, then we will need to set the indicator on the PC to one more, that is 65. When switching from a PC to a smartphone, one the unit of the TTL indicator will be taken away, and the output is mobile the operator will receive a very decent value of 64.

Make the necessary changes to the registry. For this press Win + R, in the opened panel type regedit and press enter. In the registry window that opens, go to the path:


Registry Changes

Here, hover over the empty panel on the right, click the right mouse button, and select “Create.” Next, select “DWORD Parameter (32 bits) “for 32-bit Windows, or” QWORD parameter (64 bit) “for 64-bit Windows. Give a name to the parameter” DefaultTTL “, and set its value to 65 in decimal system numbering. Reboot our PC.

To find out if the TTL has changed after a reboot, you must click on Win + R again, and then enter cmd there.

In the window that opens, type:



We will exchange network packets, and you can visually see what the TTL value is on your PC right now.

Transmission time

The required TTL value is set.

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Set the desired TTL value on Android and iOS

To change the lifetime of a data packet on gadgets we will use special mobile applications that allow set the desired value of this indicator in a few seconds. For example, on the Android OS, it’s “TTL Master”, “Change TTL” (both for their work requires root rights).

In the case of iOS, to change the TTL value, simply type in terminal:


The desired value of TTL

Instead of 65, if necessary, enter any one you need indicator.


Now you know what TTL is and how to change the value of this indicator. In case of PC, the corresponding values ​​must be entered to the registry, and on mobile devices special software will help the introduction of the appropriate command in the terminal. Install the right one TTL value, and bypass the limitations of your mobile the operator.

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