WhatsApp doesn’t update on Android phone – what do


Why WhatsApp is not updated on the phone

WhatsApp has a fairly large audience – several million people around the world. And if problems appear on the server side – no one can download updates for your application.

If you have an upgrade problem:

Causes: Explanation:
Settings failed Incorrect settings on your Android mobile device.
Internet issues There is no stable Internet connection or signal weak.
Memory There is not enough memory in the mobile phone to install them updates.


Download the latest version of Watsap

Also note that between Vatsap servers and the device The user has an intermediary – Google Play. From the market we get most software, including updates for most applications. AND often failures and errors happen when connected to the Play Market. AND still need to take into account the fact that today between many countries unstable political relations. Often applied sanctions by which application developers restrict access to one or another function of their products. Or block access completely.

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Free up memory to download the new WhatsApp version on Android

Clearing the memory on your smartphone will be useful even in case you cannot solve the problem with updates on your Android phone. If you free your memory, the device will start to work much faster. To start you need to disable unnecessary applications that work in phone and take away important system resources.


  1. Go to the main menu and click “Settings”;


    Mobile Device Settings

  2. Найдите пункт под названием “Applications” ;


    Select “Applications”

  3. AND выберите раздел “All applications” , он может быть представлен вtab view;

    Все приложения

    Select “All Applications”

  4. In the list, find the applications that you installed, but do not use them now. Except, of course, WhatsApp;
  5. Open such an application and click the “Delete” button;

    Remove unnecessary application

    Remove unnecessary application from smartphone

  6. You can remove from the system even those Android applications that were installed in the smartphone from the store. Find such an application, e.g. radio, navigator, maps, browser (if you use other established) and others;
  7. Go to their page and click the “Stop” button. Erase

    Click “Erase Data”

    And also click on the “Erase data” button in the same window. And if yes, click “Uninstall Updates.”

This way you will do a very useful job in your mobile device. This will significantly accelerate it. AND to find in it even more memory than before. Also some Applications can be transferred from the device’s memory to the SD card.


Transfer data from to SD card

This will significantly free up space for applications and system updates. This feature is available in Android 5 and 4. versions. But there are applications that allow you to transfer games and programs.

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Clearing the cache on a mobile phone

If clearing the memory did not allow the installation of Vatsap updates on an Android smartphone, try to delete the cache. Can do it for each application and game. And also for the WhatsApp application itself. But this is a rather long process. Better to use applications. from the Play Market and iOS . Use Clean Master or other similar from the mobile market.


  1. The application will find the cache and other unnecessary files in the mobile device. Для этого нажмите на кнопку “Garbage” ;


    Click the Trash button

  2. After a few seconds, you will need to confirm the deletion trash from your Android phone. The system will find garbage and show to you what it consists of. There will be auxiliary files systems, reports and cache;

    Phone Trash Information

    Information about deleted data

  3. Нажмите внизу кнопку “Clear trash” .

    Очистить мусор

    Click the “Clear Trash” button

The application is also able to stop unnecessary processes in a mobile device (erasing RAM), and provides a virus scan function. For extra payment is proposed to use a full anti-virus system. After carrying out maintenance work on your phone try updating the whatsapp app.

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What to do to update Vatsap manually on Android and iOS

WhatsApp mobile app update process in its own way principle no different from updating any other applications.

And it runs on Android as follows:

  1. Open in your mobile Play Market;
  2. Select the three points at the top – the market menu;

    Play Market Menu

    Press the Play Market Menu Button

  3. И в боковом окне нажмите My Apps ;

    Мои приложения

    Select My Applications from the list.

  4. Find Vatsap in the list and click on the “Update” button opposite.

Or select the “Update All” button to download and install Software for all applications that require this.

If you own an iOS mobile device:

  1. Open the App Store;
  2. Click on the “Updates” button;
  3. In the list, find the WhatsApp application and click “Refresh” next to it.

If this method does not lead to the desired result, try use more radical methods. Namely – reauthorization in a mobile device.

Log in to your Google account on your phone again

Sometimes it happens that happens on Google Play credential failure. After which market services (including Vatsap) stop working properly. Maybe some Google Play itself is not available. But after re-authorization these problems tend to leave our mobile device.

You need:

  1. Open the smartphone settings again;

    Open Settings

    Open smartphone settings

  2. Select “Google Accounts”;

    Select Accounts

    Select Accounts or Google Account

  3. Find the account you are currently using and select it;

    Select an account

    Choose your account

  4. Next, find the “Manage data in your Google account”;


    Select “Account Management”

  5. Find another item under “Delete Account” and select his;

    Delete account

    Click on the “Delete Account” button

  6. Click the last “Delete” button and enter the password for account. Then confirm your actions.

Now you need to reboot the device and again Log in to Google. Enter your email address. Иaccount password.

Enter password

Enter your Google Account Password

Try updating the application again after these steps. WhatsApp.

Clearing the Google Play cache and Android services

Another effective way to fix errors that are appear on the Play Market and Google Play when installing the application WhatsApp is to clear the store’s cache. And although we did it with using the Clean Master application, it’s the Play Market, it may not check for cache and musoar. Since the cache plays an important role for the application to work and could be occupied by the market during the collection Garbage Clean Cleaner app.


  1. Open the settings of your mobile device;
  2. Select “Applications” and find the following: “All applications “;
  3. Select Google Play from this list and click on the page application “Stop” button. Затем ниже нажмите “Clear cache” ;

    Очистить кэш

    Clear Play Market Cache

  4. Go back one step and find the Google Services app Play “and do the same as the previous one.

WhatsApp mobile app has some limitations. For example, it can only be installed on Android no lower than 2.3.3 version. If you do not update the messenger on your smartphone anyway it turns out you can download the latest version in the APK file – https://www.whatsapp.com/android/.

Link to the APK file

Link to download the APK file

This suggests making support for WhatsApp. Also recommended do it for mobile devices with OS not lower than 4.0.3 version. Please note that Android tablets are not supported. A Before opening the APK file, you must enable the installation from unknown sources on your phone. Thus, we figured out what to do if the Vatsap application does not update in any way on your Android phone.

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